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PredatorPredator – 7 in 1 Topical Pain Relief Cream

Sambria Pharmaceuticals Predator is a new pain treatment cream that delivers powerful pain relief topically, through the skin, deep into muscles and tissue. Instead of masking your pain symptoms with hot and cold or strong-smelling oils and ointments, this patented transdermal gel delivers active ingredients through the skin to block pain signals, reduce bruising and inflammation and kick-start your body’s natural recovery.

Predator is especially effective in treating sports injuries and related muscle pains, cramps, and more – including sore hands, golfers elbow, elbow tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis pain, back, knee, and a variety of other aches and pains. This greaseless and odorless topical cream instantly goes to work on your body, allowing you to resume a pain free life immediately. It is one of the most innovative alternative pain therapies and alternative treatments for pain management available on the market today.

Attack Your Pain

Neuromed7NeuroMed 7 – Topical Pain Relief Cream

Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed7 is a pre- and post-procedural topical pain management solution developed for surgeons interested in providing patients with an alternative to systemic drugs for local closed surgery wound care. NeuroMed7 is composed of lidocaine HCI 4% with a combination of a proprietary binary skin permeating enhancement system as well as solvents and skin conditioning agents developed to manage minor to mid-level topical pain, burning and itch associated with closed post-surgical wound care.

Topical Lidocaine HCI is used for a variety of procedures as well as neuropathic conditions to manage the discomfort associated with inflammation and irritation due to cutaneous manifestations of many types and causes ranging from dermatological and neurological to post-surgical closed wound care. As with all Sambria medications, NeuroMed7 is offered strictly through the clinical setting and is not available through typical retail channels due to its profound positive effects and the need for physician recommendation for specific indications and direct patient instruction.


Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals is in the process of developing the ingredients list and formula for seven to eight related OTC topical application products.
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