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Why You Should Choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals



There are many reasons why you should choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals. Sambria Pharmaceuticals is an organization dedicated to providing meaningful solutions to clinicians and their patients. These solutions are included anywhere where topical, local therapeutic treatments apply. Sambria Pharmaceuticals currently supplies a topical anesthetic (numbing) cream line to the professional healthcare, aesthetic, and face and body art industries.


Of many other reasons why you should choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals, is the level of customer service it provides throughout all levels of distribution, whether, patient , doctor, supplier or distributor. Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ representatives and trainers take each call as a priority matter, whether product, clinical or regulatory related.


Another reason why you should choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals, is the high cost-effective value of Company products. NeuroMed, Sambria Pharmaceutical’s topical anesthetic line brand, provides many starkly differentiated advantages over competing products. Of all the reasons why you should choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals, this may be one of the more compelling. Sambria Pharmaceuticals works at a top level to provide highly effective and safe products at a fair and reasonable price point. Further, Sambria Pharmaceuticals works directly with its distributors, ensuing only a very small layer of distribution channel. This is not the case with many other firms who have a deep level of distribution within their channel network, leading to high end-user pricing in comparison.



Another of many reasons to choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals, is the Company’s attention to regulatory compliance. This is important because there is an inherent risk to working with those others who do prioritize regulatory compliance, including, medico-legal as well as safey


Why You Should Choose Sambria Pharmaceuticals:


  • Highly effective and safe products
  • Attention to customer service
  • Limited layers of distribution
  • Reasonable price points
  • Civic responsibility
  • Regulatory responsibility


Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies its rapid-onset topical anesthetic line throughout the professional healthcare specialties in a responsible and regulatory compliant manner.

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