1. What is NeuroMed7®?

NeuroMed7® is a rapid-onset topical anesthetic also known as a “numbing” or “desensitizing” agent.


  1. What can NeuroMed7® be used for?

NeuroMed7® is primarily used as a local anesthetic for a number of purposes, including: superficial dermal instrumentation procedures, body art and permanent make up procedures, relieving pain and discomfort caused by minor burns and skin irritations as well as other uses as directed by a licensed physician.

It can also be used to relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. One of its other approved uses is as a topical desensitizing agent to reduce the effects caused by premature ejaculation syndrome in adult human males.


  1. How is NeuroMed7® supplied?

NeuroMed7® is a topical cream supplied in sanitary, single-use 3 milliliter (gram) packets and 2.2 ounce (63 gram or milliliter) multi-use tubes.


  1. What makes NeuroMed7® effective?

NeuroMed7® contains the active ingredient, lidocaine HCL. Lidocaine is a medication used to cause an anesthetic effect when applied topically. Sambria Pharmaceuticals has prepared a proprietary formulation that is designed to enhance the penetration of the active ingredient into the skin.


  1. What is the regulatory status of NeuroMed7® topical anesthetic?

NeuroMed7® is regulated under the 21 CFR 348 Monograph – OTC Topical Anesthetics and Analgesics. NeuroMed7® is manufactured in USA FDA approved and monitored facilities.


  1. How do I apply NeuroMed7®?

NeuroMed7® should be administered by applying the appropriate dose to the surface of the skin with a gloved hand in a vigorous circular motion for 30 – 60 seconds (until all product has been absorbed) approximately 15 – 20 minutes prior to procedures. NeuroMed7® can be applied to the skin in the same manner to reduce pain, burn and itch symptoms caused by minor skin irritations. See the dosage and administration section of the package insert for dosing instructions. Clinicians can also contact Sambria Pharmaceuticals directly or speak to your local representative for additional dosing and administration information. Consumers, speak to your local pharmacist or licensed doctor for further dosing and application information.


  1. Are there any special “tricks” to the application of NeuroMed7®?

There are no special application “tricks” needed when applying NeuroMed7®, simply follow the standard application procedures. Many clinicians report improved onset of action speed and efficacy from occluding with a topical dressing such as a Tegaderm® patch or simple plastic wrap as well as applying a hot or warm compress to the area prior to application of NeuroMed7®. Although there are reports that these approaches increase the speed to onset and peak action as well as efficacy, we suggest that the applying clinician consider the potential for systemic absorption when applying this or any brand of topical anesthetic using these methods.


  1. Can NeuroMed7® be applied in combination with other topical anesthetics?

Clinicians should be aware of the total anesthetic dose when combining this topical anesthetic with any others. Individuals should NOT combine this topical anesthetic with others unless directed by a licensed physician.


  1. Do I need to remove NeuroMed7® prior to dermal instrumentation procedures?

NeuroMed7® should be removed prior to standard dermal instrumentation preparation with an alcohol swab or other mild astringent. It is very simple to remove and will not leave a gritty or oily residue on the skin.


  1. What is the effective dose of NeuroMed7®?

The effective recommended dose of NeuroMed7® is approximately 0.75 ml to 2.0 ml depending on procedures, conditions, pain tolerance and sensitivity to lidocaine containing medications. It is always best to use the least amount of this type of medication necessary to achieve positive results.


  1. What is the onset of action and duration of efficacy of NeuroMed7®?

NeuroMed7® is demonstrating an approximate 5 – 10 minute initial onset of action with an approximate 15 – 20 peak for superficial dermal instrumentation procedures with an approximate duration of 60 minutes.

NeuroMed7® is demonstrating a shorter onset and peak efficacy for mitigation of pain and discomfort caused by minor burns and skin irritations.


  1. How can I purchase NeuroMed7®?

Sambria Pharmaceuticals works with a variety of medical device and pharmaceutical representatives around the USA to supply NeuroMed7® to licensed physicians and other clinicians. NeuroMed7® can additionally be purchased online from this website. Individuals can purchase NeuroMed7® from this website at the standard retail price. Contact your physician or resident pharmacy to see if you can acquire NeuroMed7® from one of these local sources.

NeuroMed7® can be purchased in bulk at discounted rates by qualified medical device or pharmaceutical (consumer healthcare products) wholesalers and distributors as well as hospital groups and Group Purchasing Organizations.


  1. Do I need a prescription in order to procure NeuroMed7®

NeuroMed7® is an OTC Monograph medication that does not require a prescription. However, your doctor may either use this product for superficial dermal instrumentation such as injections or cannulations (among others) or order you to obtain it for any variety of uses.


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