Sambria Pharmaceuticals Core Focus

Sambria Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical product developer and supplier that strives to satisfy the unmet need of physicians and their patients. Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus is the utilization of its percutaneous therapeutic delivery system. Within the Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus, the Company has developed and has been supplying physicians its topical anesthetic line, NeuroMed 7, NeuroMed FA, NeuroMed LA and the NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals Core Focus

Novel Percutaneous Delivery of the Lidocaine Molecule for Rapid Skin Numbing


Sambria Pharmaceuticals Core Focus Purpose


The NeuroMed brand of topical anesthetics is the initial launch line within the Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus. In following the product entry plan within the Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus, the Company will be creating additional topical medication lines utilizing its novel chemical dermal delivery system. The goal of this business model it to help physicians circumvent first pass and metabolism of and by the liver when applying certain targeted therapies. The Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus is to create multiple topical therapies to ensure physicians have options safer than the current field that include those drugs that can assist in treating conditions and procedures where systemic or parental drugs are a current standard.



Many current therapies, such as the oral and parental delivery of acetaminophen (among other NSAID’s), amino benzoates (such as lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine), glutathione and a myriad of others, can be delivered by topical means using the Company proprietary delivery system. Within the Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus, the topical delivery of amino benzoates has served the otherwise needs of physicians and their patients in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, medical spa, pediatrics, primary care, renal care (dialysis), cardiology (heart catherization labs) and infusion oncology in terms of topical, local anesthesia for skin numbing pre-treatment prior to superficial dermal instrumentation such as injections, venipuncture, and laser, among others.



The Sambria Pharmaceuticals core focus will continue to be to bring novel topical medications to the medical and consumer healthcare markets, primary targeted to treating pain and dermatologic conditions and procedures.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals Core Focus

Get the best alternative to other current topical therapeutics and systemic drugs