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2016, updated Sambria Pharmaceuticals News includes some exciting developments. These include:


  • Launching the new NeuroMed BLT Combination Package
  • Eclipse Aesthetics inclusion of its private branded version of the BLT Variety Combination Package
  • Metro Medical, a Cardinal Health Company adding NeuroMed 7 to its distribution program
  • Medline Industries adding NeuroMed 7 to its distribution program
  • Eclipse Aesthetics foray into the international market with its topical anesthetic products supplied by Sambria Pharmaceuticals


Sambria Pharmaceuticals News 2016:



NeuroMed BLT Combination Package

Sambria Pharmaceuticals launched three new products in February, 2016. These products are the NeuroMed LA (tetracaine 2%), the NeuroMed FA (benzocaine 20%) and the combination package that includes its three primary products. The last of the three, the NeuroMed BLT Combination Package is big Sambria Pharmaceuticals news because it provides clinicians with three of the topical anesthetics most commonly used in treating pain locally in one convenient package. Sales of this combination package have climbed substantially as the demand for a conveniently packaged grouping of the three nearly reached seven digits! Not only has this become big Sambria Pharmaceuticals news, but big news for the multitude of clinicians seeking this kind of package, which provides increased clinical flexibility.

Eclipse Aesthetics adds the BLT Combination to its offerings.

Big Sambria Pharmaceuticals news with this update as well. As of February, 2016, Eclipse Aesthetics and Sambria Pharmaceuticals reached an agreement for the private branded supply of this package offering to physician offices nationwide. This opened the door to thousands of physician offices that otherwise did not have the option of clinical flexibility and convenience of a three in one package.

Metro Medical adds NeuroMed 7 to its offerings to dialysis centers.

Increasing the number oef patients who can benefit from the NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics Products is of primary importance to the Sambria Pharmaceuticals team. The Company’s prime directive is to use its products to mitigate pain, safely and effectively for as many patients as possible. It is truly big Sambria Pharmaceuticals news when the Company can reach additional specialties where patients currently suffer from pain caused by life saving conditions, such as dialysis. Several dialysis centers now provide their patients with NeuroMed 7, which clinicians have determined use to treat the needle insertion area prior to administration to reduce the associated pain.


Medline Industries Offers the Physician Market with NeuroMed 7


This is also big Sambria Pharmaceuticals news! As of September, 2016, Medline Industries agreed to begin its supply of NeuroMed 7 to potentially thousands of physician offices within its network. Some specialties include: pediatrics, nephrology (dialysis), dermatology, plastic surgery and many more.


Eclipse Aesthetics takes Company products to the Middle East.


Eclipse Aesthetics has just begun supplying the Middle East Region with its private brand of Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ topical anesthetic products. Where will Eclipse Aesthetics go next?


There is quite a bit of good news for Sambria Pharmaceuticals. Stay updated on Sambria Pharmaceuticals News!



Sambria Pharmaceuticals News



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