Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams

The Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams were designed to have a fact onset of action, limit the entry of lidocaine into the blood stream, and assist in providing a topical anesthetic that can be added to an aseptic clinical work environment. Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams are supplied in single-use, sanitary packets for clinician convenience and cross contamination risk reduction. These creams do not leave an oily, gritty or flaky residue like many other do. Sambria Pharmaceuticals numbing creams are very cost competitive to other topical anesthetics on a gram to gram basis.

The Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams are:


NeuroMed 7 – topical 4% lidocaine

NeuroMed AR – topical lidocaine 5% for ano-rectal hemorrhoids use

NeuroMed LA – topical tetracaine for use on skin

NeuroMed – FA – Topical benzocaine for use on skin

The NeuroMed BLT Combination Package which is designed for clinician convenience for use on patients’ skin.


When using Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams it is always important to clean the treatment area with soap and water prior to use. It is also suggested to remove the product once it has reached its full effect. These two suggestions are provided to improve safe and effective use. Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams are designed to begin their action quickly in order to reduce pain to the affected treatment area in the shortest possible time. These products are made in FDA approved and monitored facilities to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficacy. It is important to make sure that numbing creams ae made in FDA approved and monitored facilities. Not all numbing creams are manufactured using this process. There are many that are not, which increases the risk that the product is not safe and is not exactly what the packaging claims. The US FDA has strict manufacturing standards that are created to ensure quality and safety.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams are very easy to apply and remove. Many other numbing creams are gritty or chalky as well as stick to the skin, making it more difficult to apply and remove.


Make Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams your choice when a quality, fast acting, safe and effective numbing is what you want and need.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals Numbing Creams

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