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Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media consists of its Facebook Page, Twitter Page and LinkedIn pages. Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media is focused primarily on educating its communities about clinical topical pain management strategies and solutions. Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media managers additionally focus on providing breaking aesthetic medicine as well as general medicine news as it applies to the Company topical pain management products, NeuroMed 7, NeuroMed FA, NeuroMed LA and the NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media



The primary goal of Sambria Pharmaceutical social media is to help the Company’s communities gain a full understanding about how its products can best serve clinical and patient needs. Some of the clinical needs include the need to reduce the reliance on systemic products when medically expedient. There are many instances where Company products can replace or be used as adjunct clinical therapies. By reducing the reliance on systemic drugs where applicable, Company managers believe that its line of topical analgesics can assist in reducing negative outcomes derived by the chronic use of systemic drugs. Company managers are also currently working on bringing additional topically applied medication lines to market to further this cause.




Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media will additionally focus on new product development as new products are being prepared to enter the market. These products will continue to serve clinical needs, both onsite as well as for physician directed patient self-use. Company managers believe that patient suffering can be greatly reduced by the entry of additional topical applications into the clinical setting. Company has three additional products within its development pipeline. All of these upcoming products include the Sambria Pharmaceuticals proprietary delivery system designed to speed onset of action and reduce or limit systemic absorption.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media
Sambria Pharmaceuticals Social Media is Focused on Community Education




Connect with the Sambria Pharmaceuticals social media to keep up to date about the Company’s products (past, current and new) as well as the clinical specialties served by the Company.

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