Sambria Pharmaceuticals Technology

Sambria Pharmaceuticals Technology



The Sambria Pharmaceuticals Technology Description


The first Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology is its chemical composition topical small molecule delivery system. This Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology is designed to allow small molecule, synthetic therapeutics to rapidly penetration the skin while limiting entry of the intact forms into the circulatory system. There are several medications that demonstrate risk of unwanted side effects (a.k.a adverse events) when delivered though the oral route. There are also several medications that demonstrate risk of unwanted side effects even when being applied to the skin, in terms of potential toxicity due to systemic entry.



The Sambria Pharmaceuticals Technology Advantage


This Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology has been shown to improve the onset of action and efficacy of the Company launch product, topical anesthetic cream. It also has been shown to limit systemic entry of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), lidocaine HCl 4%. The Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology demonstrated that it has the capability to nearly entirely limit the entry of the API in its intact form to a degree that no active, intact lidocaine entered the system of any of its 36 human test subjects when the product was used as directed, yet at four times the number of applications in an 8-hour period. Cumulative systemic entry is one of the primary adverse events concerns when using topical lidocaine, especially when used more frequently than suggested. In this study of this Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology, the product was applied once every two hours. Blood was drawn once every four hours at 0, 4, 8 and 12 hour intervals. None of the blood samples showed any level of active, intact lidocaine, even at lower than standard analysis amounts using special analytic testing methods.


There are a variety of other small molecule synthetic pharmacologic agents such as acetaminophen, cortisone, anti-biotics, aspirin, among many others that can potentially be applied to this Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology that can provide therapeutic benefit while mitigating the risk of unwanted side effects.



Future Development


The Company is dedicated to adding several therapeutics to its product lines using this Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology in its ongoing effort to advance the cause of serving healthcare clinicians and their patients by improving the effect and decreasing the risk of unwanted side effect of many standard and common therapies.





Further the Company is also dedicated to continuing to develop additional delivery systems both chemical and physical to advance the Sambria Pharmaceuticals technology arsenal in the fight against human pain and suffering worldwide.

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