Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine

The Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine products are NeuroMed 7 sanitary, single-use packets and multi-use tubes. There is NeuroMed 7 also included in the NeuroMed BLT Combination package, which is the clinical convenience package that also includes, NeuroMed FA (topical benzocaine) and NeuroMed LA (topical tetracaine).


What is Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine?

NeuroMed 7 (4% topical lidocaine) and NeuroMed AR (5% topical lidocaine) are the name brands for the Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine Cream products. They are both supplied in single-use, sanitary packets that contain 4 mL (grams by weight) of the proprietary formulation of the lidocaine products. Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine Creams differ from other products in more than one way.


First, Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine Creams are supplied in the unique single-use sanitary packets. This packaging was created keeping reducing the risk of cross contamination in mind. Many medical clinicians strive to maintain an aseptic workplace. Most other competitors supply their lidocaine creams in multi-use jars and tubes, which may lead to the risk of contaminants such as toxins and microbes (fungus, virus or bacteria) entering the package during their many uses. By eliminating these package forms in place of a single-use, sanitary packet, made in a FDA approved and monitored facility, the risk drops. This is one of the many factors that contribute to make the Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine Creams among the best in class.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals Topical Lidocaine Creams are formulated to improve safety, efficacy and speed to effect. The proprietary formulation was created to improve the patient experience by improving these factors as well as ease of use, application and removal without leaving any gritty, oily or chalky residue.


When seeking an effective topical anesthetic product, always keep in mind these important things that help to make Sambria Pharmaceuticals Lidocaine Creams, the best in their class.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals topical lidocaine

NeuroMed 7, single-use, sanitary, 4 mL packets for clinical convenience and sanitary use

Get the best alternative to other current topical therapeutics and systemic drugs