Permanent Makeup Numbing Cream

Permanent makeup procedures can be painful. Many practitioners are using permanent makeup numbing cream to ease the pain derived from these procedures. Effective permanent makeup numbing cream is the combination of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) mixed with penetration enhancers (a.k.a. drivers) in a base cream designed to rapidly enter the skin to numb the treatment area.



permanent makeup numbing cream

Lidocaine Molecule – the most common topical anesthetic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)



Some of the more common safe and effective drivers used to assist in getting the API into the skin where it can perform its job of numbing found in permanent makeup numbing cream products are listed immediately below:




Propylene glycol

Isopropyl myristate



These ingredients are added because most API’s cannot penetrate the skin very well on their own when supplied in a base cream, gel or aqueous solution. Without these ingredients being added to the formulation, creams marketed as permanent makeup numbing cream products will have a limited effect.




permanent makeup numbing cream

pH Scale – Human Skin is Roughly 5.5, which is fairly acidic. The acidity helps skin ward off the advances of harmful bacteria and fungi.



Another important factor in determining which is an effective permanent makeup numbing cream is the pH of the product. The skin has a pH of roughly 5.5. The skin is mildly acidic in nature. When a permanent makeup numbing cream is at or close to the same pH it will have an easier time absorbing into the skin. On the other hand, when a permanent makeup numbing cream has a neutral pH of between 6.8 – 7.2 it will typically produce fewer skin irritating outcomes. The combination of skin penetration enhancers and a neutral pH should produce the best outcomes all around.



Choosing the appropriate permanent makeup numbing cream is important for good outcomes. The comfort of the client will naturally produce more positive outcomes combined with improved client experience and procedural precision.



Creating an aseptic treatment area can also reduce any adverse event (bad side effects) risks. Those permanent makeup numbing cream products that are supplied in single-use, sanitary, metered dosed packets can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination relevant to multi-use jars and tubes that are reused and reopened, which may allow contaminants to enter and be passed on to other clients.




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permanent makeup numbing cream

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permanent makeup numbing cream
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