skin numbing cream for electrolysis

While it is possible to only feel slight discomfort during an electrolysis session, some people may find it painful and look for ways to reduce the pain during treatment.  There are natural ways to do this, such as relaxation techniques and music. When these others approaches just don’t do the trick, then over the counter options such as ibuprofen, skin numbing cream for electrolysis or prescribed topical anesthetics are good alternative options.

It is always recommended to consult with your doctor and electrologist before trying any prescription medication to reduce pain.




Why is Electrolysis Painful? Justification for Skin Numbing Cream for Electrolysis



How it Works

Electrolysis is performed by inserting a hair-thin needle or probe into a hair follicle and then applying an electric current to the follicle to destroy it. The procedure works on a hair-by-hair basis.

What Does it Feel Like?

Electrolysis is an invasive procedure and can be painful, most likely on the level of continuous plucking or stinging.

Most often performed on sensitive areas like the upper lip or the eyebrows, you may feel like you need something to help reduce the pain or stinging sensation during the process.

Many people are increasingly using skin numbing cream for electrolysis to reduce pain and make to procedure more comfortable.


 skin numbing cream for electrolysis

Using an appropriate skin numbing cream for electrolysis can significantly reduce procedural pain

Why Use Skin Numbing Cream for Electrolysis?





Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. Everyone at some stage becomes concerned about unwanted hair on their face or body that they want removed. Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. Everyone at some stage becomes concerned about unwanted hair on their face or body that they want removed. Electrolysis is a treatment that can be done quickly to remove those hairs which can possibly involve pain along the way, depending on the tolerance of the person.



The sensitivity of the skin, condition, strength and location of the hair determine the treatment plan. Depending on the area of skin to be treated and whether the hairs are concentrated to a small area, will affect the amount of time between treatments.


However these are not the only things you should look into. People with low pain threshold should be given consideration as well. As a result, the latest trend for this procedure is the use of a skin numbing cream for electrolysis. The highly recommended cream for this procedure is NeuroMed 7 skin numbing cream for electrolysis.



Testimonials from Users of Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ Topical Numbing Creams, NeuroMed 7 & BLT



Dr E. Matt Brunson, MD



I wanted to thank you once again for your NeuroMed7 topical anesthetic cream. I have used it for Fraxel Laser facial treatments and for injection of several filler types for cheek augmentation, nasolabial fold and marionette treatment and lip augmentation. I find your product superior to the various pharmaceutical and compounded topical anesthetic medications. I have used in the past. It is easier to apply and remove with quicker efficacy than the others and my patients generally like NeuroMed7 better. I will continue to use and recommend NeuroMed7.







Electrolysis Prep


  1. You must work as close to your pain threshold as possible for the most effective treatment. Consider the use of skin numbing cream for electrolysis before your appointment.
  2. Get as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
  3. Avoid stimulants like caffeine, chocolate or sugar on the day of your appointment.
  4. Avoid sun exposure 48 hours prior to your treatment to avoid dilation of the blood vessels.
  5. Female clients may find that they are more sensitive during or right before their menstrual cycle and may want to avoid making appointments during that time.
  6. Drink plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after the treatment. Dehydrated follicles are more difficult to treat. Hydration will also help your skin heal more quickly.
  7. Some find a meal just before treatment helps reduce discomfort.
  8. Many clients find that taking their favorite pain reliever 30 minutes prior to their appointment makes their treatment more comfortable.
  9. There are many topical creams that are available either with or without a prescription. EMLA (by prescription) and NeuroMed 7 (non-prescription) are the most popular. EMLA should be applied an hour before treatment. You should apply generously and cover with a piece of saran wrap. Use medical tape to keep in place. Hose or bike shorts over the bikini area will help keep saran in place and warm the area. Heat will activate the numbing cream even more.
  10. Pain or the fear of pain should not keep you from getting hair permanently removed if you really want it.



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Skin Numbing Cream for Electrolysis

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