Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream

Is laser hair removal painful? It is most often described as multiple rubber band snaps hitting the skin throughout the procedure. Some people decide that they can just deal with it while others determine that it makes most sense to be as comfortable as possible. The answer that most choose is to use a laser hair removal numbing cream to minimize the pain associated with this procedure.





Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream

Laser Hair Removal can cause Pain



What is Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream?


Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream is simply numbing cream, no different than other, that is used during a laser hair removal procedure. What makes a numbing cream, a practical laser hair removal numbing cream? One this that makes one better than the other is how fast it begins to work. Some Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream products contain chemical drivers that help the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) (API’s), most often lidocaine or some combination of lidocaine and others, rapidly penetrate the skin where they perform their action. The action is blocking neuronal impulses of pain from a localized area to the brain.


Another factor that makes one Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream better than another is how uniform and consistent the cream is compared to others. Many products in this class, leave a gritty, oily, chalky or flaky residue. This residue makes it more difficult to apply and remove as well as reducing the comfort of having the product on the skin.




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Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream

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