Numbing cream for painless bikini wax

Both bikini and Brazilian waxing have increasingly become very popular trends. Most salons and day spas now offer these two services. Many people who are very interested in these services often avoid them due to procedural pain. In order to make these procedures pain free, many spas are now offering numbing cream for painless bikini wax. This also naturally includes Brazilian wax which is well known to be much more painful.



numbing cream for painless bikini wax
Bikini and Brazilian waxing can be very painful. Many avoid these procedures due to the pain. It is now becoming common to use numbing cream for painless bikini wax in order to ensure a comfortable waxing session



Why Use Numbing Cream for Painless Bikini Wax?


There are plenty of people who have gone to the spa excited to remove unsightly hair from their intimate areas. Many thought that the pain would be manageable. They felt that they could just grin and bear it. Once they had the waxing procedure performed, they swore they would never go back again because of the pain. Now, not all people struggle with the pain to the same degree. Some are willing and able to handle it, if they so chose. While others are not as able to handle quite as well. One factor that will allow nearly everyone to easily manage the procedure in comfort is the use of a numbing cream for painless bikini wax. This also includes numbing cream for a painless Brazilian wax, which we all know is much more painful!




How to Choose the Appropriate Numbing Cream for Painless Bikini Wax


There are several factors that determine whether or not a numbing cream for painless bikini wax will be effective. First and possibly most important is, it MUST BE SANITARY! Think about what might happen if you applied a numbing cream that had some kind of funky contaminants in it. This cream is going all over your most intimate parts. Scary huh?


NeuroMed numbing creams are all supplied in SANITARY, SINGLE-USE, METERED-DOSED packets. This form of package keeps the product fresh and full strength, as well as completely sanitary. Those topical anesthetic numbing creams that are supplied in multi-use tubes and jars have a probability of having contaminants enter them each time they are reopened.


In addition to the sanitary packaging factor, it is important that the numbing cream for painless bikini wax product is actually fully effective. How can you know it will be fully effective? Those numbing creams that are most effective are that way because of the formulation. Those formulations that include ingredients known as “drivers” help enhance dermal penetration by the active ingredient (often lidocaine).


Some known penetration enhancers include:


  • ethoxydiglycol
  • propylene glycol
  • MSM
  • urea
  • Isopropyl myristate


When choosing an effective numbing cream for painless bikini wax, make sure to look at the ingredients list to ensure at least two or more of these ingredients are included for best results.



numbing cream for painless bikini wax

NeuroMed topical anesthetic numbing creams all have a smooth, creamy texture and a fresh, clean scent.  They each include a proprietary formulation with three well-known skin penetration enhancers. NeuroMed numbing creams are supplied in sanitary, single-use packets for freshness, cleanliness and ease of use.

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