best topical lidocaine numbing cream

With all the anesthetic products available in the marketplace, which is the best topical lidocaine numbing cream and why? There are some important factors that can help you determine which is the best topical lidocaine numbing cream. Some of the leading determining factors include:



  • Quickest onset of action (how fast it takes before it adequately numbs the skin)
  • Lasting effect (does it last through the length of you want or need?)
  • Safety (what are the safety features of the product – if misused, even the best topical lidocaine numbing cream has a risk of causing serious health issues)
  • Is it priced fairly? (when including price as a factor, always compare gram to gram (mL to mL). Some marketers like to trick their prospects into thinking their products are a good price by only selling small one ounce (28 grams by weight, 30 mL by volume) at a price that seems low when in fact if compared to other products in larger containers may be much higher when compared gram to gram.


best topical lidocaine numbing cream

What factors determine which is the best topical lidocaine numbing cream?

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In terms of onset of action time, there are a variety of ways to coax a more rapid one. Some of these ways include physical and chemical means. Physical means can include the use of heat, ultrasound and laser. Another physical method can be applying the anesthetic after removal of the stratum corneum (top, barrier layer of skin) using tape stripping. Each of these physical methods have been shown to speed the rate at which a topical anesthetic penetrates the skin and starts its action. However, each requires potentially costly equipment. In an effort to improve the onset of action in order to make the best topical lidocaine numbing cream, some makers add chemical drivers. The most commonly accepted safe and effective drivers are:


  • ethoxydiglycol
  • MSM
  • Propylene glycol
  • Urea
  • Isopropyl miristate
  • liposomes (nano-particles that are essentially fatty bubbles that encompass the anesthetic molecules)



The Best Topical Lidocaine Numbing Cream Formulation Considerations


In order for the best topical lidocaine numbing cream products to be most effective in these terms, it is important that the formulation include one or more of these chemical drivers to enhance penetration capability potential.


All NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetic products include three of these important drivers in their formulations. This is one of the many factors that Sambria Pharmaceuticals included in its formulation strategy when creating NeuroMed 7 and the products contained in the NeuroMed BLT Combination Package.


Another important safety feature that the NeuroMed Brand creators included to make them the best topical lidocaine numbing cream products is the unique, single-use, sanitary packets packaging. This packaging was created in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination inherent with the use of multi-use containers, particularly, jars. Each time a multi-use container is opened, the risk of toxins and/or microbes entering the container is increased. This can lead to an ever-increasing risk of adverse outcomes due to contamination, especially if the formulators of products contained in multi-use packaging included skin penetrating drivers used to improve delivery of the lidocaine into the skin. These potential contaminants can also be carried into the skin in these cases.



best topical lidocaine numbing cream

NeuroMed 7 – 4 mL (gram) single-use, sanitary, metered dose packet



When searching for the best topical lidocaine numbing cream, always consider these important factors, and remember NeuroMed 7 and the NeuroMed BLT products were created to improve efficacy and safety, from formulation to packaging and more!


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