Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors

There are a number of distributors who supply Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed brand topical anesthetics as well as private branded versions of the NeuroMed formulations. Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors are carefully chosen on the basis of their business model, physician office and hospital relationship volume and strength, reputation, integrity and healthcare specialty focus.




Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors
NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package – Single-use, sanitary packets of the APIs benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) – Best in class!



Why distribute NeuroMed 7 & NeuroMed BLT Convenience Combination Package?


  • High margins
  • Residual income
  • Unique products among the sea of topical anesthetics products
  • Highly effective compared to competitive products
  • Individualized sales training for distributor reps




Sambria Pharmaceuticals distributors include:


Medline Industries (physician market)

Metro Medical, a Cardinal Health Company (Renal care – dialysis)

Eclipse Aesthetics (Aesthetic specialties, including dermatology, plastic surgery and medical spas) – Private branded version – Eclipse Aesthetics Topical Analgesics

STATDDS (facial aesthetic clinicians – focused on dentists) – Private branded version – Comfortox Topical Anesthetic

Delasco Dermatology (dermatology)

Essentials (physician offices)




Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors – Training


Sambria Pharmaceuticals distributors focus on serving the needs of physicians and their patients by supplying the Company’s topical anesthetic lines, either the Company NeuroMed Brand or private branded versions. Sambria Pharmaceuticals distributors who supply their own private branded versions of the Company’s products are required to satisfy several criteria prior to being granted private brand distributions rights, which included regulatory compliant marketing, strict inventory management controls and standardized monthly order volume. Once an organization is granted rights to be among the growing group of formal Sambria Pharmaceuticals distributors, it must maintain its strict adherence to regulatory compliance. The Company monitors the regulatory compliance policies and activities from inception onward of all of its distributors to ensure the highest degree of public safety.




The sales representatives of each of the Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors are trained by Company representatives regarding:


  • Product uses
  • Product delivery system science
  • Mechanism of action of the API’s included in Company OTC drug lines
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Competitive analytics




Sambria Pharmaceuticals provides it distributors with the tools necessary to succeed in the market. These tools include: appropriate collateral material, outside sales support, inside sales support, inventory management services, product education and excellent customer service.





Sambria Pharmaceuticals Distributors

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