Wholesale numbing cream

Physicians’ offices, medical spas, tattoo centers and permanent makeup artists who require wholesale numbing cream in bulk amounts can acquire it online or through professional distributors. Wholesale numbing cream can be supplied for professionals at volume discounts. As the volume increases the price for wholesale numbing cream should naturally decrease.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies wholesale numbing cream to the professional healthcare and tattoo center starting at low minimum quantity. Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies its topical numbing creams, NeuroMed 7 & the BLT Convenience Package (benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine) in boxes of single-use, sanitary packets. The purpose in supplying topical numbing creams in this form of packaging is to provide the professional clinicians with a sanitary application when maintaining an aseptic environment is necessary.




wholesale numbing cream
NeuroMed BLT Combination Package – Single-use, sanitary packets of the APIs benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) – Ingredients also include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol




All NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics contain the active ingredients in a base cream that includes a proprietary delivery system designed to improve penetration of the active ingredients.


NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics are supplied in two primary forms:


  • NeuroMed 7 (4% lidocaine) – 100 sanitary, single-use packets per dispenser box
  • NeuroMed BLT (benzocaine 20%, lidocaine 4% and tetracaine 2%) – 25 – 10 grams (mLs) packet strips and 50 – 5 grams (mLs) packet strips per box


Wholesale numbing cream minimum order quantity, begins at only one box of any product. This allows the professional clinician to access these products at a much lower price per gram (mL) than the other well known competitive products. NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics are:


  • Fast acting
  • Maximum allowed by law without a prescription
  • Made in a United States based FDA registered and monitored manufacturing facility
  • Supplied in unique, single-use, sanitary packets for freshness, highest potency and aseptic administration
  • Supplied in a uniform, creamy, non-oily, non-oily base




Wholesale numbing cream




U.S A. Based Wholesale Numbing Cream Suppliers:



NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics can be purchased directly from Sambria Pharmaceuticals both online for single boxes or by contacting us at: sales@sambriapharma.com or by calling 888.246.6601. For larger wholesale numbing cream orders, call or email for best pricing.


NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics can also be acquired through approved Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ distributors:


  • Medline Industries
  • Eclipse Aesthetics (private brand)
  • American Academy of Facial Esthetics (private brand)
  • Metro Medical, a Cardinal Health Company
  • Painful Pleasures (tattoo products distributor – private brand)


Choose NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics for your source of wholesale numbing cream.


Get the best alternative to other current topical therapeutics and systemic drugs