According to Michael Greenspan Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ goal is to provide safe and effective therapeutic healthcare products throughout the healthcare specialties it currently serves and expand its reach into new specialties that can benefit from its products and delivery technologies.

Michael Greenspan Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ Founder and CEO strives to increase its revenue and profits through careful attention to financial management and appropriate investment in research and development, new product introduction, expansion into additional specialties and brand awareness programs.

Founder, Michael Greenspan states that Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ final goal is to support non-profit efforts to bring pain relieving and recovery healthcare products to the people in developing nations who do not currently have regular, easy access to needed therapeutics within the Company current and future product line. The Company has already begun this last effort by donating a significant volume of its topical anesthetic to developing nations on the African continent and will continue to support such efforts.



Michael Greenspan Sambria Pharmaceuticals Founder
Michael Greenspan, Founder, Sambria Pharmaceuticals
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