best topical lidocaine cream

The best topical lidocaine cream has advantages that the others do not. The advantages that you may look for in the best topical lidocaine cream may be based on price, fast onset of action, therapeutic efficacy, safety, ease of use or maybe some other factors that best suit your needs.


Many products that suppliers claim make them the best topical lidocaine cream come in the form of, “formulated just for tattoos,” or “made for laser hair removal,” or other such unusual and meaningless comments. The reason why these claims as the best topical lidocaine cream for this or that are meaningless is that all effective lidocaine creams use the same active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which is LIDOCAINE. Lidocaine and the other “caine” API’s all work about the same way (called the mechanism of action). They get into a part of the nerve conduction process called the high voltage sodium ion channel. When a painful effect occurs in an area, the nerve signals that pain by allowing sodium to enter this channel which in turn starts a process that sends the pain signal to the brain. The lidocaine simply enters this channel and blocks the potential for the nerve to activate and send pain (or other discomfort signals) to the brain.


What Makes a Numbing Cream the Best Topical Lidocaine Cream?


There are not many different types of lidocaine, each of which is better for tattoos or laser procedures or any others for that matter. What makes one product the best topical lidocaine cream is one of the many factors listed at the beginning of this page. One important thing to consider when choosing the best topical lidocaine cream is how safe it is. There is not point in using a product to fix one problem only to have another, possibly more serious problem.


NeuroMed 7 is shown in an approved study to not enter the blood stream in its intact form. This means that it did not create the problem that causes toxicity (poisoning). This is very important especially when using over surface areas that are not very small or when using more than once consistently. This is NOT to suggest at all that it is ok to abuse the NeuroMed 7 cream. All of these products, even the best topical lidocaine cream should always be used as directed and in a responsible manner. This means to NOT use it on large areas and do not use it too frequently or on a consistent basis over a prolonged period of time. When using even the best topical lidocaine cream, such as NeuroMed 7, make sure to speak with your doctor about it prior to using, especially if you are unsure how much to use, how often to use, or on what size area to use it. ALWAYS RESPECT ALL MEDICATIONS, INCLUDING OVER THE COUNTER MEDS.


Another safety feature of using the best topical lidocaine cream, NeuroMed 7, is the single-use, sanitary packaging. This is designed to reduce the risk of contaminating material getting into your skin. When using multi-use tubes or worse, jars, there is an inherent risk that contaminants such as toxins, microbes (bacteria, fungus or viruses) may enter the container and cause a problem when used after that event. This is not good and can lead to other issues. The makers of NeuroMed 7 considered your safety and now supply the product in safer single-use sanitary packets to protect you from the risk of these problems.



Best topical lidocaine cream




When comparing cost of the best topical lidocaine cream products, always pay attention to the cost per gram (or milliliter – mL – if by volume – 1 gram = 1 mL with these products). Many crafty marketers sell small containers so it looks like they are a better price. This is a hidden way of taking advantage of people who are busy and not always able to pay attention to details like this that matter when trying to conserve money and make a good choice.





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