Lidocaine Topical Cream

Doctors and patients use lidocaine topical cream to numb the skin for many purposes. NeuroMed 7 Lidocaine Topical Cream works fast, is creamy in texture and contains the highest lidocaine concentration legally available over the counter by the United States Food and Drug Administration. (US FDA).



lidocaine topical cream
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Lidocaine Topical Cream Product Uses


Lidocaine topical cream products are typically used for:


  • pain, burn and itch caused by minor skin irritations
  • burn and itch caused by poison oak, ivy and sumac
  • pain, burn and itch caused by insect bites and stings
  • pain caused by injections
  • pain caused by blood draws
  • pain caused by tattoos and piercings
  • pain caused by cannula insertions
  • pain caused by shingles
  • pain caused by superficial medical aesthetic/cosmetic procedures
  • other uses directed by a licensed physician


Lidocaine Topical Cream Product Safety


Lidocaine works by entering the skin and blocking nerve signals that transmit pain, burn and itch sensations. It blocks the channels in the nerve where pain signals begin so they are not transmitted to the brain. Lidocaine is also used in emergency medicine when administered by intravenous injection. It is used to slow the heart rate when it is too high and erratic. Since it has the ability to have this effect when a large enough amount enters the blood stream, it is important to be aware of this effect and only use lidocaine topical cream products as directed. Lidocaine cream should only be used on intact skin. It should also be used on small to medium surface areas (not large, such as an entire leg or back) and not more than three times per day or for more than a week without consulting your doctor.


NeuroMed 7  has been shown in approved studies to be safe and effective when used as directed.




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Lidocaine topical cream is supplied in both prescription and over the counter (OTC) forms. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) provides a standardized set of rules called a “monograph” that outlines allowable dosages, uses, packaging and related regulatory topics. The monograph for OTC lidocaine topical creams is the 21 CFR  Tentative Final Monograph 348 External Analgesic Drug Products for Over the Counter Human Use. The 21 CFR 348 Monograph allows a concentration of 4% for lidocaine topical cream products. This means that lidocaine topical cream products can contain a maximum of 4% concentration or lower. Another monograph that regulates ano-rectal products allows a maximum of 5% concentration for lidocaine topical creams. When the concentration for a lidocaine topical cream is 5% it must state that it is for ano-rectal use only in the product data box on its packaging.



This information is not intended for use as diagnosing or treating health related conditions. Consult your doctor before using any lidocaine topical cream for any reason.

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