Numbing Cream for Waxing

Which numbing cream for waxing should you use? The best way to decide is to look at what makes for the best numbing cream for waxing and why.


We all know that waxing those most sensitive areas can hurt quite a bit. It even keeps some people from doing it a second time, while causing others to grin and just bear it. There is a great solution. That is using an effective numbing cream for waxing the painful areas. Not all numbing cream for waxing procedures or any other procedures that require skin numbing are effective. Many people will argue that there are plenty numbing cream for waxing products that do not even work at all. Even though some have very fun and funny names, like “Numb Nuts.”



Numbing cream for waxing




What Makes a Numbing Cream for Waxing Effective?



The formulation of a numbing cream for waxing has a lot to do with how effective it is. Certain ingredients known as drivers of skin penetration enhancers are well known to not only decrease the time it takes to make them work, but also increase the level of numbing.


The most well known safe and effective drivers are:


  • MSM
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Ispopryl myristate
  • Urea
  • Among a few others not as commonly known and used


By adding these ingredients, either singly or in combination, formulators of numbing cream for waxing formulators can dramatically increase the effect to ensure adequate numbing.


Another important factor you should consider when choosing the best numbing cream is how sanitary it is. If it is supplied in multi-use containers, such as reusable tubes and jars, it is open to contaminants enter into it. This can increase the risk of what is known as cross-contamination. Why go through the process of cleaning up an area by removing the hair only to risk an infection that can make that area unsightly, uncomfortable and unattractive?


Products supplied in single-use, sanitary packets can minimize the cross-contamination risk while supplying you with the best and safest effect.



Many estheticians are successfully using NeuroMed 7 and NeuroMed BLT for their wax procedures. It is common for them to report excellent outcomes when using the NeuroMed BLT in particular.


Common comments:


Rapid onset – only 15 – 20 minutes

Strong numbing effect

Nice creamy texture

Nice clean fresh scent

Easy to apply and remove

Good retail revenue from back bar sale to customers for painless waxing



numbing cream for waxing

NeuroMed 7 is supplied in sanitary, single-use packets for best results and safest application.

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