NeuroMed 7™ Pain Relief Cream


NeuroMed7® Pain Relief Cream is a pre- and post-procedural topical pain management solution developed for clinicians interested in providing patients with an alternative to systemic drugs for local minimally invasive procedures and as a post-procedural analgesic. NeuroMed7® is composed of lidocaine HCI 4% with a combination of a proprietary skin penetrating enhancement system as well as solvents and skin conditioning agents developed to manage minor to medium level pain, burning and itch associated with minimally invasive procedures and for closed post-surgical wound care. It is currently being used in:

  • Aesthetic/cosmetic medicine
  • Med Spas
  • Dermatology
  • Podiatry
  • Wound care
  • Primary medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Body art procedures
  • Tattoo removal

Topical Lidocaine HCI is used for a variety of procedures as well as neuropathic conditions to manage the discomfort associated with inflammation and irritation due to cutaneous manifestations of many types and causes ranging from dermatological and neurological to post-surgical closed wound care. As with all Sambria Pharmaceuticals medications, NeuroMed7® is offered strictly through the clinical setting and is not available through typical retail channels due to its profound positive effects and the need for physician recommendation for specific indications and direct patient instruction.

Features and benefits or NeuroMed7® Pain Relief Cream are:

  • OTC, no prescription needed
  • Lidocaine HCI 4%, active ingredients
  • Proprietary skin permeating driving system
  • Topical pain treatment
  • Immediate patient access
  • FDA compliant
  • Practice revenue source
  • Reduces pain, burning and itch quickly, safely and effectively
  • Clinical sales ONLY
  • Low cost to patient
  • Physician controlled dispensing
  • Rapid onset of action


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Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals is in the process of developing the ingredients list and formula for seven to eight related OTC topical application products.
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