Public Response to the Operator of is a website operated by the brother of man who was initially involved in a business venture with Michael Greenspan currently of Sambria Pharmaceuticals, but later removed for purposes this author will not post at this time. The reasons for the removal of this individual had nothing to do with Sambria Marketing, of which the individual’s brother was an employee. The reasons had to do with a previous business Sambria Marketing, in which two other members of this individual’s family did in fact invest. That Company was closed down due to both newly legislated regulatory policy as well as insolvency. The insolvency was legitimate and the closing of the business performed in a legal fashion. There were no profits to distribute. Both Michael Greenspan and Jamin Osborne were the hands on operators of the previous business at the time. Each received a basic, livelihood-sustaining wage which was not paid for the last several months of the operation of the business due to the insolvency.


This individual who has posted the website also is the same individual who posted the Ripoff report, which he now points to as a reference to ongoing fraud. This same individual threatened to “seek revenge on the highest of level” if his brother were not employed by the Company after for leaving his post for a seven month stint in a drug rehabilitation center for methamphetamine and GHB (among the several other more serious reasons for removal). The operator of the site is well known to be an extremely vindictive character. However, since the closing of the previous business, and at the time of the posting of the website, May, 2013, not one criminal investigation nor law suit has ever been filed as the website suggests. It is now over three and a half years later. The author of this page strongly urges individuals investigating this matter to search Fulton County, Georgia Public Records to confirm that the information posted on are fraudulent statements.


Finally, in opposition to the claims made on, Sambria Pharmaceuticals is a legitimate company that has been in operation since April, 2012. Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies it US FDA Registered medications through national healthcare products distributors who do very detailed due diligence when reviewing a vendor application. In each of the due diligence processes, the managers of Sambria Pharmaceuticals was able to supply all necessary documentation to dispel the fraudulent claims made by the operator of and be awarded vendor supply contracts. This company does NOT seek investment from individual investors. While there remain a very small number of initial start up investors at its early inception, all receive their regular annual tax reports that are filed with the United States Internal Revenue Service without exception. The fraudulent fraud claim purported by arose several times during bank lending application processes. The managers of Sambria Pharmaceuticals were, again, able to demonstrate the legitimacy of the Company and Michael Greenspan, the principal applicant and move through the loan process. All loans were repaid in good standing as bank records can demonstrate.


The trustworthiness of this website was deemed as very low, along with its traffic. However, after several years of publicly demonstrating the validity of Sambria Pharmaceuticals in terms of service to the public and charitable actions, the Company managers have decided to respond to this individual in a publicly revealing forum. This individual continues to hide anonymously behind his fraudulent online only assertions, which indicates his fear of being called to task for his fraudulent and vindictive actions.  SEE LINK


These allegations made by the sole operator of are completely unfounded. No such organization exists other than the website and corresponding claims this individual made on the Ripoff Report website. The Managers of Sambria Pharmaceuticals are currently in process of locating the whereabouts of this individual and gathering evidence to support a formal slander claim for damages. The hosting service of this fraudulent website will also be included in the civil legal filings. at the time they are made early to middle of 2017.


The operator of clearly has a personal axe to grind that is not legitimately related to the false claims he has been attempting to perpetuate using the anonymous internet as his forum. This man is cowardly and vindictive and will ultimately be made to rectify his slanderous assertions and behaviors. Those professional individuals who understand the legal process and have investigated the assertions, clearly recognized the absurdity of the assertions made by this individual.

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