NeuroMed7®, a time saving & cost effective solution for numbing for tattoos and other face and body art procedures


NeuroMed7® is a Rapid Onset Topical Anesthetic (lidocaine “numbing” cream) that can be used to reduce pain prior to tattoos and piercings.



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NeuroMed7 Tube

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Recommended dose for numbing for tattoos is 1.0 – 2.5 grams per 1″X1″ surface area. Suggested maximum dose of 10 grams per procedure.

Reduces pain fast, safely and effectively while still maintaining the integrity of face and body art ink procedures.


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NeuroMed7® is significantly more cost-effective for numbing for tattoos and piercing option than many other known, reputable brands.


Safe and Effective, Rapid Onset Topical Anesthetic (15 – 20 minute peak onset of action!) for numbing for tattoos and other body art procedures.

  • Increase client comfort by decreasing pain during face and body art procedures with NeuroMed7®
  • Decrease pre-procedural anesthetic (numbing) prep time
  • Reserve artist and treatment room time for procedures as opposed to anesthetic (“numbing”) onset “wait time”
  • Reduce cost per gram as compared to other leading brands such as (among others):  EMLA, LMX and Dr. Numb
  • Increase profit revenue dispensing directly to clients for use prior to procedure appointments – high retail dispensing margins – click here for details
  • Reduce prep time – NeuroMed7® is easy to remove after application and prior to standard prep
Face and Body Artists – Including Permanent Make Up

Sambria Pharmaceuticals provides its rapid onset topical anesthetic (numbing for tattoos cream), NeuroMed7®, to face and body ink and piercing artists who prefer using a legal, safe and effective numbing agent for improving client comfort. Not all customers can easily take the pain of face and body art procedures. For those artists wishing to reduce client pain and therefore procedure time NeuroMed7® is your answer.

NeuroMed7® is a rapid onset topical anesthetic (“numbing cream”) used for preparation prior to piercing, permanent make-up and tattooing procedures. As with any topical anesthetic should be used with extreme care when used around the eyes. Topical anesthetics should not go directly into the eye, unless particularly prepared for ophthalmic use and by a licensed ophthalmologist. Claims of “pH balancing” should be viewed with caution.

NeuroMed7® is a legally available numbing agent registered with the US FDA under the NDC registration 54723-175-22.

Products that are not registered with the FDA may not be manufactured in the US or under the strict manufacturing sanitary and other guidelines in place to protect you and your customers. Beware of combination “caine” products. Combination “caine” products are not legal for over the counter trade in the US and are more than likely not made in a FDA approved and monitored facility.

NeuroMed7® will typically not cause a profound reddening effect of the skin when applied as directed. Sambria Pharmaceuticals manufactures NeuroMed7® in the USA in a FDA approved and monitored facility under sanitary conditions. NeuroMed7® is third party laboratory tested for purity, ingredients and microbes to ensure both safety and efficacy.


Features and Benefits

  • Rapid onset of action
  • Proven safe and effective both in clinical use settings as well as approved studies
  • Easy to apply and remove (see NeuroMed7 application protocol link under Helpful Links in the upper right-hand side of this page for details)
  • Competitive cost and high retail dispensing margins – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • Two-year shelf life from time of manufacture
  • Third party tested for microbes and active ingredient concentration
  • Supplied in both convenient, metered dosed, single-use, sanitary packets and multi-use tubes
  • Easy access (no prescription required, designated OTC Monograph therapeutic anesthetic)
  • FDA Compliant in accordance with the 21 CFR Monograph 348 OTC Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics



The active ingredient in NeuroMed7® is lidocaine HCl 4%. Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ proprietary formulation also includes, ethoxydiglycol, MSM and propylene glycol, which are all commonly used in pharmaceutical compounding to enhance dermal absorption of therapeutics.

Important Safety Information:

Indication: NeuroMed7® (lidocaine HCl 4%) Cream is indicated for use on intact skin in adults and children 2 years and older to provide topical local analgesia for superficial dermatological procedures.

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