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NeuroMed BLT Variety Combination Package

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Topical Anesthetics

NeuroMed BLT Variety Combination Package


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Topical anesthetics block neuronal impulses which send signals of pain to the brain. Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ topical anesthetics include, benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine. Each topical anesthetic active ingredient is packaged in its proprietary formulation designed to improved onset of action, safety and efficacy. Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ topical anesthetics are packaged in unique, single-use, sanitary packets to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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Compare to compounded BLT products:


  • Eliminate legal exposure – NeuroMed BLT is a variety package that contains the topical anesthetic analgesics: benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%) and tetracaine (2%) – each is OTC with no prescription required – all products packaged together in a strip of the three API’s for convenience and to allow clinician application flexibility
  • Eliminate cross contamination risk – Each of the included anesthetic analgesics is packaged in single-use, metered dosed, sanitary packets for precision and reduction in cross contamination risk
  • Reduce cost – The total product included in this package is 250 grams. Compared to typical compounded topical anesthetic costs you save from 20% – 50% or even more
  • Reduce onset wait time – NeuroMed BLT products all include a proprietary formulation designed to improve onset and efficacy – speeding onset and reducing treatment time improves productivity and practice revenue
  • Reduce systemic absorption risk – Reducing topical anesthetic analgesic time on skin may reduce cumulative systemic absorption risk







Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies professional healthcare and aesthetic clinicians with starkly differentiated topical anesthetics products designed to solve the problems associated with other topical anesthetics. NeuroMed brand topical anesthetics are designed to improve the patient and clinician experience by including Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ proprietary delivery technology and its unique form of packaging. NeuroMed products are all manufactured in US FDA registered and monitored facilities where a high degree of quality assurance and regulatory compliance are top level priorities.



If you are simply seeking only a single tube of NeuroMed Numbing Cream, go to this AMAZON STORE LINK.

If you are seeking a box or more of single-use, sanitary packets go to this LINK PROVIDED.


Why NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics® ?

  • No prescription required (OTC)
  • Highest concentration of active ingredients allowed by law for OTC
  • Proprietary skin permeating driving system
  • Topical pain treatment
  • Immediate clinician and patient access
  • FDA compliant
  • Reduces pain quickly, safely and effectively
  • Low cost to clinicians
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Unique packaging to improve sanitary application
  • Made is US FDA approved manufacturing and packaging facilities

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Susan Santacroce
Dialysis Patient
I have spent hundred of dollars searching for a pre dialysis numbing cream. I found it here. The NeuroMed7-combo pack is awesome. I do not feel a thing after the application and keeps my arm pain free through out the entire treatment. I have to pay for the prescription lido cane any way and it really is not as effective as the NeuroMed7-combo pack. Than you Thank you Thank you for a fantastic product.
Tosha Hawthorne
owner Tosha's Skin Care LLC

I have been in the medical skin care treatment business for almost 20 years, i have used a number of different numbing creams/gels, both medical and non medical, after using NeuroMed 7 , I will no longer be looking or using any other numbing product. it is far superior to all the other numbing creams/gel. Thank you for the great customer service.

Nidia Diaz
Director at Beyond Wellness

A totally awesome product that beats pharmaceutically compounded anesthesia. I love that it takes nearly 50% less time to set and also easier to remove. I've also noticed my patients have less inflammatory reactions compared to other anesthesias I've tried. I love it!

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