Unique Opportunity for Qualified Distributors to Supply this Most Effective Topical Anesthetic Combination




Topical Pain Management Cream
FDA Monograph compliant, NeuroMed BLT is a topical pain management cream that is supplied in single-use, sanitary packets




NeuroMed BLT Topical Anesthetic Convenience Package




Your Comprehensive Topical Pain Management Solution





Safe and Effective, Rapid Onset Topical Anesthetic (15 – 20 minute peak onset of action!) for your clinical customers:



  • Eliminate cross contamination caused by compounded topical anesthetics
  • Eliminate medico-legal risks derived from procuring bulk compounds and diverting to all practice patients
  • Reduce anesthetic costs
  • Provide an easy solution to the prescription writing game necessary to procure compounds
  • Increase dosing precision
  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve patient experience
  • Easy to apply and remove – light, creamy consistency and clean fresh scent



Supply this topical pain management line to the following specialties:


  • Aesthetic/cosmetic
  • Dermatology
  • Pain management
  • Urgent care
  • Primary care
  • Pediatrics
  • Home infusion
  • Long-term care
  • Oncology infusion



Business Opportunity



Product Advantages


NeuroMed7® and the BLT Convenience Combination Package are unique with their proprietary formulation designed to speed onset and improve efficacy:


  • FDA Compliant manufacture and marketing
  • Manufactured in FDA approved facilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • Does not require prescription
  • Only supplied to the professional marketplace – no retail sales through company
  • 2-year shelf life
  • High margins for distributors


Healthcare Clinicians Use NeuroMed branded topical anesthetics for the following:


    • Injections
    • Veni-puncture
    • Cannulation
    • Superficial cosmetic/aesthetic
    • Minimally invasive dermal instrumentation
    • Minor skin irritations
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Others as ordered by a licensed healthcare professional



    • Rapid onset of action
    • Proven safe and effective both in clinical use settings as well as approved studies
    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Competitive pricing
    • High retail margins for clinic dispensing –  additional profit center
    • High margins for distributors
    • Two-year shelf life from time of manufacture
    • Third party tested for microbes and active ingredient concentration
    • Supplied in both convenient, metered dosed, single-use, sanitary packets and multi-use tubes
    • Easy access (no prescription required, designated OTC Monograph therapeutic anesthetic)
    • FDA Compliant in accordance with the 21 CFR Monograph 348 OTC Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics



The active ingredient in NeuroMed7® is lidocaine HCl 4%. The active ingredients in our BLT convenience combination packages are: FA – 20% benzocaine, NM7 – 4% lidocaine and LA – 2% tetracaine. The formulation also includes, ethoxydiglycol, MSM and propylene glycol, which are all commonly used (each singly typically) in pharmaceutical compounding to enhance absorption of therapeutics.

NOTE: For patient safety reasons, unlike many very fast acting compounds, our products do NOT CONTAIN DMSO!

NeuroMed7® can be applied to intact skin for use as a temporary, local, topical anesthetic. When properly applied, NeuroMed7® is both safe and effective for minimally invasive dermal instrumentation procedures.

Business Model



Minimum purchase for NeuroMed branded products:


NeuroMed7        –          20 boxes of single-use packets (100 units per box) and/or 10 boxes of multi-dose tubes (24 units per box)


NeuroMed BLT   –          20 boxes of this triple anesthetic convenience combination package – single-use packets (75 packets per box)


Custom-branding. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for custom-branding begins at:


NeuroMed7                      500 boxes single-use, sanitary 4-mL lidocaine packets and/or 250 boxes of standard size BLT packet strips


To learn more about distribution programs, please contact Sambria Pharmaceuticals via email at sales@sambriapharma.com or via telephone at 888.246.6601 and ask for the Director of Sales.


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