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Sambria Pharmaceuticals is focused on patient comfort and healing!

Formed in April, 2012, Sambria Pharmaceuticals is the developer and marketer of topically applied therapeutics combined with the Company’s proprietary formulation that includes both skin conditioning agents and its absorption enhancement technology. The Company’s launch product, NeuroMed7®, is a topical analgesic with rapid onset properties combining lidocaine HCl 4% with its proprietary blend. This launch product is currently being supplied to and used in a variety of medical specialties and industries.

Currently in Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ pipeline is a variety of other therapeutics combined with its formulation that are focused on patient post-procedural aftercare. The Company is also investigating the delivery of small molecule biologic therapeutics for a variety of medical applications.

From humble beginnings, Sambria Pharmaceuticals is progressively growing its brand and Company awareness throughout several medical specialties and therapeutic industries. Factors leading to the rapid growth of the Company include (among others):

  • A starkly differentiated product that adds value for its clinical customers and satisfies the needs of their patients
  • Immediate attention to customer care matters
  • Quick delivery of products to clinicians
  • Competitive pricing structures throughout the distribution channels
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance on all levels, federal, state and local
  • Strong relationships with its vendors
  • Strong collaborative efforts with its distributors
  • Rapid response to inbound communications from consumers/patients, clinicians, distributors and regulatory compliance officers

Important Safety Information:

Indication: NeuroMed7® (lidocaine HCl 4%) Cream is indicated for use on intact skin in adults and children 2 years and older to provide topical local analgesia for superficial dermatological procedures. Contraindications: NeuroMed7® Cream is contraindicated in patients with a known history of sensitivity to lidocaine, or local analgesics of the amide or ester type and is also contraindicated in patients with sensitivity to any component of the product. Warnings/Precautions: Methemoglobinemia has been associated with use of local analgesics such as lidocaine. NeuroMed7®Cream should be used with caution in patients with severe hepatic disease. When using NeuroMed7® Cream in conjunction with other local analgesic agents, the total dose of anaic should be considered due to the potential for additive systemic toxic effects. Contact with the eyes should be avoided.

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