Best Numbing Cream for Microneedling

The best numbing cream for microneedling must have a rapid onset, be safe and effective and be supplied in a sanitary package to limit or eliminate the risk of contamination.


NeuroMed 7 & the NeuroMed BLT Convenience package are the best numbing cream for microneedling because they contain a proprietary delivery system designed to improve the rate of onset to half the time of the other leading brands as well as overall efficacy that many doctors claim competes with highly concentrated compounded anesthetic creams without the risk of systemic toxicity when used as directed.



 best numbing cream for microneedling



The delivery system includes a proprietary blend of MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol intended to speed onset time, increase efficacy and improve safety by limiting systemic absorption of the active ingredients. Many doctors who regularly use the NeuroMed brand topical anesthetics claim they are the best numbing cream for microneedling products due to many factors including the once just previously mentioned.


Many users report that they prefer the sanitary, single-use packets over other products that are packaged in multi-use jars and tubes. They like this packaging because it keeps the product fresh and at its highest potency, it eliminates the risk of cross contamination, and it is supplied in metered dosed packets.





best numbing cream for microneedling


NeuroMed Topical Numbing Creams for Micro-needling – the ONLY SANITARY NUMBING CREAMS – available in unique, single-use packets









Most other numbing cream products are supplied in multi-use jars and tubes. The problem with this packaging it that is can allow contaminants to get into the cream and cause risk to the user. While serious adverse events are not widely prevalent, the risk remains and cases do occur. Why take the risk at all when you can eliminate it by using a product made in the United States, in FDA monitored and compliant facilities that is supplied in the sanitary, single-use packets. The NeuroMed brand packets even comes in different sizes to treat different size areas?





Renowned Cosmetic Treatment Physician, Dr. Anil Rajani, MD Demonstrates How He Uses NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics to Improve Patient Comfort for Pain Causing Aesthetic Procedures



NeuroMed 7 and NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package Product Information




Best Numbing Cream for Microneedling


Additionally, many users report that they like the smooth, uniform, creamy texture and mild, clean, fresh scent of the product. This makes the patient experience much better in terms of comfort.


When seeking the very best numbing cream for microneedling remember to get your NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetic Creams for best results and a positive patient experience.


Why Use Numbing Cream for Microneedling?




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numbing cream for microblading
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