Numbing cream for filler injections

Injections of dermal fillers are used as an aesthetic treatment to fill in unwanted wrinkles and scars. There can be substantial pain associated with dermal filler injections. For this reason, local anesthesia is often used to eliminate or minimize the pain. This local anesthetic can be administered one of two ways: either by injection or through the use of topical creams and ointments. Numbing cream for filler injections is most common due to some basic factors.






numbing cream for filler injections
Filler injections, such as Juvaderm, can be painful, even when lidocaine is added to the medication – use numbing cream for filler injections to reduce the pain!



The reasons why the use of numbing cream for filler injections is most common is primarily twofold:



  • Eliminates the risk of dermal deformation often known to be caused by anesthetic injections
  • Anesthetic injections are often also associated with pain. Using numbing cream for filler injections eliminates the pain caused by the injection.


While there are clinicians who continue to use lidocaine injections, there is a steadily rapid conversion to those who prefer using numbing cream for filler injections for the two primary reasons just previously listed.




Renowned Cosmetic Treatment Physician, Dr. Anil Rajani, MD Demonstrates How He Uses NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics to Improve Patient Comfort for Filler Injection Procedures



Since the goal of filler injection treatments is to increase the aesthetic or cosmetic facial image, eliminating the risk of deformation derived from anesthetic injections is important. Why take the risk in the event a solution exists? Some clinicians feel that it is necessary to continue to administer local anesthesia through the use of injection, while the remaining growing number recognize the value of administering a topical numbing cream for filler injections.


Anesthetic injections will ensure a more pronounced anesthetic effect. While topical anesthetic cream will often provide adequate local anesthesia without the associated pain and inherent recognized risks.


Many clinicians use compounded numbing cream for filler injections. The reason for using a prescription compound is that it can be supplied in much higher concentrations and also in multiple active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) form. There are studies that demonstrate the efficacy of the triple anesthetic formulation commonly known as BLT. There are some inherent issues that are tagged to the use of compounded topical anesthetic that include, among possible others:


  • medico-legal risk of procuring these prescription compounds by submitting a prescription for a multi-use container of the product, while then applying it to many patients. This is known as drug diversion. The risk increases in the event of any adverse event where the State Health Department or FDA is called in to investigate
  • risk of cross-contamination. The use of multi-use jars and tubes opens the product within the container to be contaminated at some point during the reopening and using stages between each new patient visit
  • systemic absorption due to overly high concentrations. Some pharmacists supply very high concentrations of anesthetic API’s in an effort to completely numb patients in preparation for a painful treatment. While this idea has merit in terms of increased numbing capability, it also exposes patients to the risk of adverse events derived from high API systemic absorption.


Solving the issues associated with using compounded numbing cream for filler injections


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Numbing cream for filler injections
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