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best anesthetic cream

What makes one anesthetic cream the best anesthetic cream? Why would one anesthetic cream be the best anesthetic cream among the many that are currently available?

The Features of the Best Anesthetic Cream are:


  • Safety
  • Efficacy
  • Ease of Use
  • Maximum Comfort


Best Anesthetic Cream Safety Features:


Safety features of the best anesthetic cream include limiting risk of cross contamination and limiting cumulative systemic absorption derived toxicity. In an effort to limit the risk of cross contamination, Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies its topical anesthetic creams in unique, single-use, sanitary, metered dose packets. These packets self contain the anesthetic cream for single-use only as opposed to the commonly standard multi-use jars and tubes. When used more than once, these other containers are opened and closed, opening the potential for contamination by toxins, microbes or other matter that may cause passing when being closed, reopened and used again.

In order to limit the risk of toxic absorption, Sambria Pharmaceuticals created a formulation that is designed and intended to limit this effect. In one approved study, the 239 blood samples taken from human test subjects treated with the Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ topical lidocaine formulation, none presented any active lidocaine during analysis at forensic levels.



Best Anesthetic Cream Efficacy:


Provided that safety is continually an ongoing consideration, efficacy is naturally of relevant importance. Many topical numbing products are simply lidocaine or a related anesthetic in a base cream. The issue with this is, it will take an inordinately long time to be effective, if it even reaches an adequate effect at all. Without the appropriate ingredients to help drive the API into the skin, most of it simply sits on top of the skin. The best anesthetic cream product will be fully effective, even when concentrated as safe levels, such as 4% for lidocaine, 20% for benzocaine and 2% for tetracaine.


Best Anesthetic Cream Ease of Use:


The best anesthetic cream products have a soft, uniform consistency, free of gritty, chalky or flaky residue and a moderately viscous texture. This consistency and texture allow the user to easily apply and remove the product. The freedom of gritty particulate residue also not only reduces the risk of adverse events caused by ocular damage, but also makes it more comfortable when on the face or other body parts.


NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetics are all supplied in single-use, sanitary, metered dose packets (3 mL – 4 mL). They are all a creamy and uniform in consistency and texture, which makes them very easy to apply and remove, with maximum comfort.



Best Anesthetic Cream