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Best Numbing Cream

NeuroMed 7 is the best numbing cream for reducing pain sensations on the skin. The active ingredient in NeuroMed 7, lidocaine, reduces pain on the skin by blocking neuronal impulses. NeuroMed 7 contains a proprietary skin penetration enhancement formulation designed to improve penetration while reducing entry of lidocaine into the blood. This is one of the features that makes NeuroMed 7 the best numbing cream options available without a prescription.



Best Numbing Cream

NeuroMed 7 – 2.2 ounce (63 gram) tubes and 4 mL (4 grams) single-use, sanitary packets



For those searching for the best numbing cream option available without a prescription, NeuroMed 7 is your choice because:

  • it is supplied in single-use sanitary, metered dose, 4 mL (gram by weight) packets
  • it includes a formula designed to improve penetration
  • it includes a formula designed to reduce set up time
  • it includes a formula designed and shown to limit systemic absorption
  • it is competitively priced
  • it is has a creamy consistency that does not leave a gritty, oily, waxy or flaky residue



best numbing cream
Needle procedure pain can be reduced by pre-treating with numbing cream







The best numbing cream option should include all the previously noted factors. If the numbing cream you are currently using does not have the previously listed factors, consider using NeuroMed 7 NOW!

Numbing creams are supplied in several different forms of packaging. Some are in tubes, some are in jars, some come in large containers with pumps included. The best numbing cream, NeuroMed 7 is supplied in single-use sanitary packets in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Most other numbing creams are supplied in multi-use, non-sterile or non-sanitary containers, which do NOT reduce the risk of contamination.


Reduce your risk of cross-contamination by using the best numbing cream available OTC, NeuroMed 7.







  • to reduce pain, burn or itch sensations caused by skin irritation or inflammation
  • to reduce pain sensations from needle stick
  • to reduce pain sensations from microneedle
  • to reduce pain sensations from cannula insertion
  • to reduce pain caused by dialysis procedures
  • to reduce pain caused by tattoos and piercings