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Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Everyone knows that getting a tattoo is synonymous with masochism!  If you are not ready for the pain that comes from getting a tattoo, many seasoned, hardened veterans will say, then don’t get one. Well the fact is, no one has to deal with the pain if they choose to use a tattoo numbing cream. In fact, by choosing to find the best tattoo numbing cream products legally available, you can really reduce or even eliminate the pain that comes with getting your tattoo.


Best tattoo numbing cream



It has become very popular to have one of more tattoos. People from all walks of life now get tattoos. To kill the pain associated with the tattoo process choose and use the best tattoo numbing cream every time.



How to Choose the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream


Well, the fact is, many products are now on the market that have really cool and relevant sounding names for tattoo numbing. The marketers do a great job promoting these great named products. More power to them, this is America and we believe in capitalism. However, some of us are all in for capitalism, but capitalism with a conscience. Sambria Pharmaceutical, the makers of NeuroMed 7 and the NeuroMed BLT Combination Package gave a lot of thought as to how to best serve the needs of their customers. Customers are now hospitals, doctors offices, medical spas, tattoo artists and their clients, among many others. Instead of coming up with the coolest sounding name we came up with the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream OPTIONS. In fact, these OPTIONS are best in class universally for all skin numbing needs, making NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetics, very effective, safer than the rest and fairly priced in terms of value for the dollar. NeuroMed is not the coolest best tattoo numbing cream name (although the name means “nerve medicine”), it does not have the fanciest packaging and it is not the very cheapest.



What makes this brand the best tattoo numbing cream option is answered in a few easy parts:


  • they all include the most effective known, safe drivers to help the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) get into the skin fastest
  • they are supplied in single-use, sanitary packets to eliminate the risk of contamination when used properly
  • the lidocaine product has been shown to greatly limit the introduction of lidocaine into the blood system
  • the cream is light and silky in texture for comfort as well as ease of application and removal
  • all three API’s are included in the BLT combination package for flexibility
  • the products are priced fairly and affordably, with discounts for professional tattoo artists and centers
  • Single-use packets always ensure product is fresh and maximum potency each time you use it!



Find out why doctors, aestheticians, electrologists, tattoo artists and medical techs are all raving about NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics! The strongest, fastest acting, longest acting numbing creams on the market today! Stop wasting time with those other numbing creams that fall short of the mark! ORDER YOURS TODAY!



Best Tattoo Numbing Cream
NeuroMed BLT Combination Package – Single-use, sanitary packets of the APIs benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) – Ingredients also include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol



NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics are the best tattoo numbing cream options in their class. These products are all made in the USA by FDA approved and monitored facilities.