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Custom Brand Lidocaine Cream

Sambria Pharmaceuticals is a custom brand lidocaine cream provider. The Company supplies its proprietary custom brand lidocaine cream in unique, sanitary, single use packets. These packets are unique to the topical lidocaine supply industry and provide stark differentiated advantages when compared to those products supplies in multi-use jars and tubes.



The Single-Use, Sanitary Custom Brand Lidocaine Cream Product Advantages:


  • Elimination of cross-contamination risk typically derived from the reopening and reuse of multi-use jars and tubes.
  • Wastage reduction from metered-dose packets
  • Clinician convenience – precision, accurate dosing


The proprietary formulation includes three powerful, safe and effective drivers designed to speed onset of action as well as efficacy of the product itself. Driver ingredients include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol. This formulation also includes tea tree oil and arnica montana, known to reduce the incidence of bruising.


For those seeking to supply a custom brand lidocaine cream, the NeuroMed 7  formulation provides additional differentiation that make it a best in class product. The texture is uniform, smooth and creamy and free of gritty, oily and chalky residue. While many competitive products leave the gritty, oily and/or chalky residue the custom brand lidocaine cream version you will be supplying does not. This residue is a common complaint among topical lidocaine cream users. By removing this issue, users remain more comfortable during application. Due to the texture of custom brand lidocaine versions of this particular private branded formulation, application and removal are also very simple.




custom brand lidocaine

NeuroMed 7 Single-use, sanitary 4 mL packets – lidocaine – smooth and creamy grit free formula – supplied in single-use sanitary packets – includes penetration enhancers in its formulation



MOQ – Custom Brand Lidocaine Cream:


Lidocaine 4%


Our lidocaine products are supplied in single-use, sanitary, metered-dosed packets that are 4 mL (grams by weight) each. There are 100 packets per box of custom brand lidocaine cream product, for a total of 400 mL (grams by weight) per dispenser box package.


MOQ for custom brand lidocaine cream is 250 boxes. Sambria Pharmaceuticals will help to manage the entire process, which includes:


  • cream manufacture
  • packaging
  • custom artwork
  • package filling
  • regulatory filings


BLT Convenience Package:


This package includes, benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine all in the same box. Each of the three products is provided in its own packet. All three packets are packaged together in a single strip. Each packet in the strip is separated by a perforation for clinician convenience. This product line is ideal for the aesthetic medicine practices, including: dermatology, plastic surgery and medical spas where a medical director is on staff. There are 25 strips per box of this product in standard size. There are 50 strips included per box for half size packets. The half size packets are ideal for smaller treatment surface areas.


MOQ for this product line is also 250 boxes of either size.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals is your one-stop for custom branding lidocaine, tetracaine and benzocaine cream!


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