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Dermaroller Numbing Cream

A dermaroller is a skin needling device with many small surgical needles. Dermarollers come in needle lengths between 0.13 and 3 mm. The needle diameter (thickness) is approximately 0.25 mm at their base. The device is moved all over the face, creating multiple micro-channels by puncturing the skin with its many small needles, creating the need for the body to regenerate the damaged tissue. A dermaroller numbing cream is often used to reduce the associated treatment pain.

This procedure is pain producing. In order to reduce the pain caused by the many small microneedles, many use a dermaroller numbing cream. Dermaroller numbing creams typically include lidocaine, as the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). This API blocks pain signals at the initial source of pain as well as along the nerve that signals the sensation of pain to the brain.

Dermaroller needling has been shown to improve scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles and other skin flaws by causing tens of thousands of tiny skin injuries. This triggers new collagen and elastin production and the skin renews. We have everything you need for the targeted, intensive treatment of most skin problems.

Best Numbing Cream for Dermarolling

There are many dermaroller numbing cream products in the current market place. The question is, what is the most effective dermaroller numbing cream? The most effective dermaroller numbing cream has some features that make it more effective than others:

  • Fast acting
  • Formulation that includes skin penetration enhancers
  • Formulation designed to reduce entry of the API (lidocaine) into the circulatory system
  • Aseptic (free of contaminants like pathogenic – a.k.a sickness causing – microbes – like viruses and bacteria) packaging – sanitary, single-use packets are best since they are used once and then discarded, limiting any chance of contaminants entering the container – jars are worst
  • Creamy, uniform, comfortable texture, free of gritty or oily residue

NeroMed 7 for Dermarolling

NeuroMed 7 is an ideal product for dermalrolling procedures.  Its proprietary formulation is designed to speed the onset of peak action. It is created to limit the API, lidocaine, from entering the blood stream. NeuroMed 7 is supplies in sanitary, single-use packets and multi-use tubes (for your preference and convenience). NeuroMed 7 Dermaroller Numbing Cream is smooth, uniform and easy to apply and remove. It has no greasy, oily or gritty residue. This dermaroller numbing cream does not leave any sticky or uncomfortable material on the skin and is very easy to remove once it takes effect.

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