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face numbing cream

Topical anesthetics (numbing cream) can be used to numb intact skin on the face, arms, legs, back, shoulders or any other surface area on the body. It should NOT be used in the eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Topical anesthetics can be used as a face numbing cream. Face numbing cream products can be used to reduce pain on the face caused by minor skin irritations. People also use face numbing cream as pre-treatment prior to needle injections, microneedling, cosmetic laser and other minimally invasive procedures. Face numbing cream is often used to make these types of procedures manageable in terms of pain tolerance.

face numbing cream


Why use a face numbing cream?

While some people have a very high pain tolerance, most prefer not to sit through an extended period of time during a pain causing procedure. Some of these procedures include:

  • Botulinum Type A toxin injections (such as Botox Cosmetic)
  • Filler injections (such as Radiesse and Juvaderm)
  • Permanent make up
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Electrolysis
  • Microneedle
  • Others

  Face numbing cream products can include, lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine and prilocaine as well as compounded combinations of any two or more anesthetic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s). While the goal is to reduce pain from manageable to complete, depending on individual preference, it is also important to always consider safety factors. Safety factors to consider (among possible others) when choosing or using a face numbing cream, include, contamination risk reduction and limiting the systemic entry of concentrated API into the blood stream. Another safety consideration is also using a face numbing cream free of gritty residue. Gritty residue found in highly concentrated compounded BLT has led to corneal damage caused by the grit entering the eye of at least one patient recently. It does make most sense to use a face numbing cream that has a nice, smooth, uniform texture free of chalky, flaky or gritty material that not only may lead to a bad outcome, but also make the product more difficult to use, apply and remove.

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Face numbing cream
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    Packaging options that assist in improving safety include, primarily, single-use, sanitary packets. Multi-use containers are opened and closed more than once, which can and has led to contamination, which has also caused adverse outcomes. A safe, effective, quality face numbing cream can make the difference between great results and high degree of comfort to adverse events and additional pain. Therefore it is best to always make sure the topical face numbing cream you use or used on you is formulated to improve safety and efficacy, reduce contamination risks, and is made in an FDA approved and monitored facility to ensure best quality and outcomes.

Testimonials from Users of Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ Face Numbing Cream, NeuroMed 7 & BLT

Dr E. Matt Brunson, MD

I wanted to thank you once again for your NeuroMed7 topical anesthetic cream. I have used it for Fraxel Laser facial treatments and for injection of several filler types for cheek augmentation, nasolabial fold and marionette treatment and lip augmentation. I find your product superior to the various pharmaceutical and compounded topical anesthetic medications. I have used in the past. It is easier to apply and remove with quicker efficacy than the others and my patients generally like NeuroMed7 better. I will continue to use and recommend NeuroMed7.


Nidia Diaz
Director at Beyond Wellness

A totally awesome product that beats pharmaceutically compounded anesthesia. I love that it takes nearly 50% less time to set and also easier to remove. I’ve also noticed my patients have less inflammatory reactions compared to other anesthesias I’ve tried. I love it!


Tosha Hawthorne
owner Tosha’s Skin Care LLC

I have been in the medical skin care treatment business for almost 20 years, i have used a number of different numbing creams/gels, both medical and non medical, after using NeuroMed 7 , I will no longer be looking or using any other numbing product. it is far superior to all the other numbing creams/gel. Thank you for the great customer service.



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