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lidocaine cream for needles

Many people fear the pain caused by needles. To numb the skin, physicians and patients often use lidocaine cream for needles to reduce the pain and anxiety they feel is caused by the procedures. The use of lidocaine cream for needles is not a new concept. Lidocaine cream is used for infants, children, adolescents and adults to numb needle procedure pain.




lidocaine Cream for needles

Needles can be painful – use lidocaine cream for needles to numb away needle stick pain



Why Use Topical Lidocaine Cream for Needles?


The fear of needles is called trypanophobia. Many studies indicate that nearly 10% or even more people suffer from needle phobia or trypanophobia. This fear of needles can cause people to avoid going to the doctor for regular check ups, immunizations or other conditions. The avoidance of going to the doctor due to fear of needles can ultimately lead to more severe illnesses or even death. It is important to go to the doctor for regular check ups and when you feel sick. The use of lidocaine cream for needles can help to numb any needle related pain.


NeuroMed 7 is a product that many people, including many physicians, use as a lidocaine cream for needles to numb the skin. Lidocaine cream works by blocking the neuronal (nerve related) pain signals from a local area to the brain. It blocks the pain signals at the source by entering into a channel called the high voltage sodium ion channel. This is where pain signals begin and go to the brain. Effective lidocaine cream for needle products work by releasing the active ingredient, lidocaine, into the skin. If the lidocaine cream has the right drivers (ingredients that help drive the lidocaine into the skin to hit the nerves) the active ingredient, lidocaine, can perform its job of blocking the needle stick pain signals, thereby making the procedures less painful or even totally pain free.


NeuroMed 7  topical lidocaine cream includes a patented delivery system that is designed to improve the penetration of the lidocaine into the skin quickly, safely and effectively. This is why so many doctors and their patients use NeuroMed 7 topical lidocaine cream before needle stick procedures.



lidocaine cream for needles

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