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lidocaine cream supplier

Sambria Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical product supplier and developer. Specifically, Sambria Pharmaceuticals is a topical lidocaine cream supplier. In addition to being a topical lidocaine cream supplier, Sambria Pharmaceuticals also supplies topical benzocaine and tetracaine creams as well.



Lidocaine Cream Supplier

Topical lidocaine cream supplied in multi-use tubes and jars is very standard and nondescript. Stand out from the crowd with single-use, sanitary packets.



Topical Lidocaine Cream Supplier Services:


Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies its topical lidocaine cream in its own NeuroMed 7 brand as well as private label for some of its distributors. As a topical lidocaine cream supplies, the Company assists in managing the entire process, from package design, to product manufacturing, to package filling as well as the Federal Registration Process. This makes the Company your one-stop topical lidocaine cream supplier.




Additional Topical Anesthetic Cream Products Supply:


As your chosen topical lidocaine cream supplier, Sambria Pharmaceuticals can also manage the supply or private label version of benzocaine and tetracaine products also. The same process applies to managing the manufacture, packaging and regulatory filings for these products. As your topical lidocaine cream supplier (as well as benzocaine and tetracaine cream versions) the Company can also manage the storage, shipping and other logistical activities as well, in the event you require these additional services.




Topical Lidocaine Cream Supplier NeuroMed 7  Brand MOQ


NeuroMed 7  is supplied in unique, single-use, sanitary packets. Each packet is supplied in a metered-dose, 4 mL (gram by weight) packets for clinical convenience.


There are 100 packets supplied in each NeuroMed 7 branded dispenser box. Product can also be supplied in boxes of 1,000 units loosely in non-branded boxes for inclusion in First Aid and Custom Medical Kits, as well as other uses as requested by you, our valued customer.


Lidocaine Cream Supplier

Single-use, sanitary packets of NeuroMed 7 topical lidocaine. Soft, creamy, uniform texture, clean, fresh scent, proprietary formulation includes, penetration enhancers designed to speed onset, safety and efficacy


NeuroMed 7  distributor and wholesale pricing


The minimum order quantity for distribution pricing is 50 boxes of NeuroMed 7 Brand topical lidocaine packets.


For special wholesale pricing, the MOQ begins at 10 boxes.




Lidocaine Cream Supplier
NeuroMed BLT Combination Package – Single-use, sanitary packets of the APIs benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) – Ingredients also include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol



NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package


Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies its unique BLT (benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine) Convenience Package that is primarily marketed to the aesthetic medicine specialties, such as dermatology, plastic surgery and medical spas that employ a medical director.


This product is supplied in three individual packets. Benzocaine (20%) – 3 mL, lidocaine (4%) – 4 mL and tetracaine (2%) – 3 mL. When measured by weight, the product in each packet is measured in grams.


The three anesthetic products are all attached in one strip. Each packet in the strip is separated by a perforation with a tear seal across the top of each, for clinician convenience.


Sambria Pharmaceuticals also supplied this same product, packaged the same, but in half size packets for small application treatment surface areas.


The standard size packet strips are supplied 25 strips to each box, for a total of 250 mL (grams by weight). The half-size are supplied 50 strips to a box, for the same total of 250 mL (grams by weight).


The MOQ for distributors is 50 boxes of either size packets.


The MOQ for wholesale is 10 boxes of either size packets.



Topical Lidocaine Cream Supplier MOQ – private label


The MOQ for the topical lidocaine cream 4% is 250 boxes


The MOQ for the BLT Convenience Package is also 250 boxes of either


There is a small premium added to the private branding price. Also added is the one-time cost for artwork, printing plates and Federal Regulatory Registration.



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