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Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream is used for localized skin numbing. Lidocaine topical numbing cream numbs the skin by blocking neuronal impulses of pain, burn and itch from the local area to the brain. Many doctors and patients use lidocaine topical numbing cream to numb the skin of a localized area prior to needle insertion, laser procedures, venipuncture (blood draws), dialysis needle, and a variety of other medical procedures. Lidocaine topical numbing cream is also used on the skin to reduce the pain, burn and itch from a variety of skin irritating conditions.



lidocaine topical numbing cream

Apply to the surface treatment area on intact skin. Topical lidocaine numbs skin to relieve pain, burn and itch sensations




NeuroMed 7 is a rapid-onset topical anesthetic designed to work fast and minimize entry of the intact lidocaine into the blood stream. This can significantly reduce some of the risks associated with using topical lidocaine products. One study showed no active lidocaine in over 235 human blood samples of human test subjects who used the NeuroMed 7 formulation in a controlled setting.



There are may lidocaine topical numbing cream products available on the market. Lidocaine creams are used to treat a variety of conditions and before procedures. When sold off label, many of the large pharmaceutical manufacturers are even promoting these creams for sore joints and muscles. Although there may be a positive effect, there is also an inherent risk of using lidocaine creams on large areas of the body, multiple times a day for periods of time over a week. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) intends for these products to only be used for relieving pain associated with the skin and only on small surface areas for limited periods of time.



How to Identify a Quality Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream


Many recently marketed topical lidocaine cream products are not formulated with skin penetrating ingredients of any type or form. Lidocaine molecules will sit on the skin for an extended period of time and not enter into the dermis where they exert their best effects. In order for a lidocaine topical numbing cream to be most effective, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), lidocaine must enter to the point where its reaches the nerves. When made cheaply, the products that do not contain an effective formulation with drivers will be only a waste of money, no matter how cheap the product is. When searching for an effective topical lidocaine numbing cream product, look in the ingredients list for one or more of the following:


  • MSM
  • DMSO
  • ethoxydiglycol
  • isopropyl myristate
  • urea
  • propylene glycol


These ingredients are known as drivers. Drivers help to temporarily increase the permeability of the skin, which can help to deliver the API into the skin where it can perform its job of deep numbing. Be careful when using products containing DMSO. DMSO is also known to drive API’s into the blood stream.



Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

Unique, single-use, sanitary packets – 4 mL topical lidocaine numbing cream per packet. 100 packets per box. Safe and effective



NeuroMed 7 is made in the USA. It is manufactured in FDA approved and monitored facilities only. NeuroMed 7 is specially formulated. The formulation is designed to improve delivery of the API, lidocaine, rapidly into the skin.