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neuromed 7 numbing cream

NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream is the brand often used and recommended by doctors. Doctors in many medical specialties use NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream for many applications. Some of the things doctors use and recommend NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream include (among others):


  • Injections
  • Skin irritations
  • Blood draws (venipuncture)
  • laser procedures
  • tattoo and piercings
  • insect bites.stings
  • microneedle
  • Ablative RF
  • permanent cosmetics


NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream is formulated to work fast and penetrate the skin for the best numbing effect. NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream is packaged in two forms in order to satisfy the users various needs. It is packaged in both multi-use, 2.2 ounce (63 grams) tubes for individual users and single-use, sanitary 4 mL (grams by weight) packets for clinical use, when treating multiple patients. The reason why NeuroMed 7 is packaged in single-use, sanitary packets for clinical use is to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. When multi-use containers are opened and used by more than one user, there is an inherent risk of contaminants entering the container and then being passed on to other patients. Single-use, sanitary packets of NeuroMed 7® Numbing Cream eliminates the multiple use of the same container.



NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream
Uniquely Packaged Single-use, Sanitary Packets



NeuroMed 7 Topical Anesthetic Cream reaches its peak effect in as little as 15 minutes. When compared to other leading brands, this is often much less than half the time to reach the peak therapeutic effect. Most doctors report that NeuroMed 7 lasts for around an hour before the effect begins to dissipate. When moving from one treatment room to another clinicians need to reduce the time the anesthetic takes to become effective, while also needing for the anesthetic to last long enough for the clinical needs. NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream satisfies these goals for many leading doctors, especially those in busy practices.



NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream
NeuroMed 7 , topical lidocaine cream – supplied in single-use packets and 63 gram (2.2 ounce) multi-use tubes – made in USA in FDA monitored facilities


Make NeuroMed 7 Numbing Cream your choice for topical, local anesthesia when you need the fastest and best!



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