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Numbing Cream for Microblading

The best numbing cream for microblading is smooth, uniform and easy to use. It has a nice clean, fresh scent. It is also free of gritty and oily residue. The top numbing cream for microblading, is also fast acting and supplied in single-use, metered dose, sanitary packets. This packaging of the best numbing cream for microblading allows for an aseptic application and easy precision dosing!



numbing cream for microblading
Microblading can produce pain. Reduce the pain by using an effective numbing cream for microblading.









NeuroMed BLT numbing creams offer the microblading clinician the best and most effective of all options. Many premier trainers only use and recommend NeuroMed BLT options as their go-to numbing cream for microblading.


NeuroMed Numbing Creams are often used for microblading procedures. They are used to numb the area during pre-treatment to prepare the client for a more comfortable procedure. This not only makes it more comfortable for the client, but also makes it easier for the clinician to perform the service.




Why Use Numbing Cream for Microblading?




Highly recommended by top microblading trainers! Number one recommended topical numbing cream for microblading by Dawn Hunter, celebrity microblading trainer at Vine Studios in Seattle, Washington!




numbing cream for microblading
Dawn Hunter, celebrity microblading trainer only recommends NeuroMed BLT for numbing pre-treatment



Contact Dawn Hunter, Vine Studios







We ALL know that there is certainly pain associated with these procedures. No one is kidding themselves here. In order to make it much more comfortable for the client, and therefore, easier for the clinician, numbing cream is applied anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes prior to the procedure. The duration of application varies, based on which numbing cream for microblading procedures is being applied. NeuroMed Numbing Creams usually demonstrated an approximate 15 – 20  minutes to reach their full peak action. The lidocaine cream typically lasts for about 60 minutes after it is washed off prior to the microblading procedure.



For best results, many clinicians apply an occlusive dressing (like simple Saran Plastic Wrap) over the numbing cream treatment area.



NeuroMed Topical Anesthetics (numbing creams) are active very quickly and last through the duration of the typical procedure. These creams are non-oily, non-gritty and smooth and creamy in texture. They are very easy to apply and remove and work very well. They are also ALL made in the USA in FDA registered and monitored facilities to enure top quality and safety (free of microbes and other unwanted contaminants.





numbing cream for microblading
The BEST numbing cream for microblading – supplied in sanitary, single-use, metered dose packets – always fresh. always free of contaminants! Made in the USA!


You can use numbing cream for microblading to reduce the pain caused by the procedure. In addition, NeuroMed Numbing Creams are also used for: microneedle, laser, IPL, injections and much more by many practitioners.




Many permanent make up artists use numbing cream for microblading to reduce procedural pain to ensure a comfortable client experience.




NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package contains 20% benzocaine, 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine – it is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE numbing cream product currently on the market legally available!


numbing cream for microblading
NeuroMed BLT half size strips for small, focused treatment areas




NeuroMed BLT is benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine. Each topical anesthetic is supplied in its own single-use, sanitary packet to maintain its freshness and dosage strength as well as an aseptic treatment.

This product is supplied in half sizes specifically for small treatment areas.



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Most other lidocaine products are supplied in multi-use jars and tubes which leads to a risk of cross-contamination. While NeuroMed 7 is sold in 63 grams (2.2 ounce tubes – double the size of the others while still costing less than the competitors for their small 30 gram tubes and jars) we also supply our lidocaine and BLT Convenience Package (NeuroMed BLT) for professional use in sanitary, single-use packets, created to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.



For professional users, our boxes of NeuroMed 7 (lidocaine) supply 100 packets of 4 mL (grams) per box. That is 400 mL (grams) per box! Competitive products are typically supplied in small tubes or jars of only 30 grams (approximately one ounce). Compare the HUGE savings on a gram to gram (mL to mL) basis – ONLY $0.50 per grams (mL) as compared to $1.50 – $3.00 per gram for the competitors like EMLA, NUMB MASTER, DR NUMB and the rest of the crowd, which are supplied in their small 30 gram tubes!


Our unique NeuroMed BLT Convenience Package supplies 250 grams (mL) total topical anesthetic creams per box. Compare again to the competitors small 30 gram tubes and jars! 2-year shelf life allows you to get a lasting supply at great prices.

Sr. Anil Rajani, MD, leading Cosmetic Medicine Physician Demonstrates His Use of NeuroMed BLT Numbing Creams:







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Always use NeuroMed Numbing Creams for BEST results!