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private brand lidocaine

Private brand lidocaine can be supplied to several key healthcare and other categories where skin numbing is applicable. Private brand lidocaine can be supplied for numbing of the skin at the local treatment site. Topical lidocaine creams are policy compliant within the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) policy guidelines under the 21 CFR Monograph 348. This monograph pertains to the packaging, dosage, drug combination and marketing policies.



Private brand lidocaine


There are several advantages to supplying a Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ private brand lidocaine products. The advantages are:


  • Unique, single-use, sanitary packets packaging (reduced risk of cross-contamination as opposed to reusable jars and tubes)
  • Proprietary formulation shown in and IRB approved study demonstrating a high degree of safety
  • Proprietary formulation designed for a rapid onset as compared to competitive products
  • Management of the drug registration process as part of the standard offering
  • High distributor margins when selling at MSRP
  • MSRP that is price competitive against other LEADING brands


Private brand lidocaine terms and minimum order quantity (MOQ)


  • Meet Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ due diligence standards, which include demonstration of distributor regulatory compliance
  • Warrant that supply product in a regulatory compliant manner
  • Demonstrate long-term business/marketing capability
  • MOQ is 12,500 units of the standard size BLT combination strip product or 25,000 units of the half-size BLT combination strip or lidocaine 4% products
  • Units can be supplied in private label boxes. In terms of boxes of private label lidocaine and BLT strip packets, this translates to 500 boxes of standard size BLT combination strips, 500 boxes of half-size BLT combination strips or 250 boxes of the lidocaine 4% packets.


The NeuroMed brand is currently an established brand that enjoys a high degree of success in the dermatology, plastic surgery and related medical aesthetic specialties. It is also growing within the renal care (for dialysis needle insertion) and other specialties. A Sambria Pharmaceuticals private brand lidocaine product has the support of safety and efficacy, online marketing and a customer service friendly vendor supplying you the product.


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