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Private Label Benzocaine

Sambria Pharmaceuticals specializes in supplying topical anesthetic creams which include its proprietary percutaneous (within the layers of the skin) skin penetrating formulation. In addition to its own NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetics, Sambria also supplies private label benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine creams.


Benzocaine is the fastest acting of the three topical anesthetic creams. Private label benzocaine can be used to numb the skin in order to relieve sensations of pain, burn and itch. Private label benzocaine can be manufactured in the highest concentration, 20% by volume.


Private label benzocaine cream be marketed to the general public, whether online or in retail stores as well as to the professional healthcare communities, including physician offices and other avenues. Benzocaine is best known for its rapid onset and short duration. Benzocaine cream can be applied to intact skin for a variety of skin numbing purposes. Sambria Pharmaceuticals formulation of private label benzocaine cream is very easy to apply and remove and is also safe and effective when used as directed.


The private label benzocaine product includes well known, safe and effective drivers, such as MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol. These ingredients are included to ensure the fastest onset time and efficacy. The product is uniform and creamy, leaving no chalky, gritty or oily residue, in stark differentiation to most other topical benzocaine and lidocaine creams. It also has a faint, clean fresh scent. These factors make the Sambria Pharmaceuticals private label benzocaine one of the most comfortable and easy to use products of its kind on the market.


Another feature of the Sambria private label benzocaine cream product is that it is supplied in unique, single-use, sanitary packets as opposed to the more standard and not unique multi-use tubes and jars, which have a higher risk of cross-contamination due to reopening for multiple uses. This feature also provides more precise dosing.


There are 100 packets supplied in each private branded dispenser box.



Private label benzocaine
Uniquely Packaged Single-use Sanitary Packets






MOQ Private Label Benzocaine Cream Packets:


Programs includes:


  • Product manufacture in an FDA approved and monitored facility
  • State and Federal Drug Registration for Regulatory Compliance
  • Package printing
  • Package filling
  • Door to door shipping
  • Warehousing and fulfillment logistics services


MOQ is 500 boxes of 100 single-use, sanitary 4 mL packets


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