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Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7

Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 is a topical anesthetic with a novel formulation. The formulation is designed to speed the onset of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), lidocaine, penetrate the skin and limit its systemic entry. Why is it important to limit the systemic entry of lidocaine? The formulators of Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 determined that it is important to limit systemic entry of the API, because of the common awareness that high concentrations of lidocaine can cause adverse events (or, negative side effects), such as pulmonary depression (trouble breathing) and bradycardia (slowing of the heart rate). In an effort to reduce the risk of these commonly known side effects from toxic systemic absorption, the makes of Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 included a combination of ingredients the formulators conceptualized could possibly limit the entry of the API, lidocaine into the blood stream. In an IRB approved study, the investigators were able to demonstrate that no active lidocaine entered the blood streams of any of its 34 human test subjects!



Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 Uses


NeuroMed 7 is used to numb the localized area of treatment application. The way this works is, once the API, lidocaine, enters into the skin, it effects the neuronal impulses that signal pain. In scientific terms, lidocaine (as well as the other amide and ester anesthetics) binds the voltage-gated sodium channel of the free nerve endings and blocks sodium influx. The blockade of sodium influx inhibits nerve cell depolarization and prevents propagation of nerve cell impulses along the nerve. In basic terms, the lidocaine contained in the Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 brand, blocks nerve impulses at the source so pain signals cannot be sent to the brain.



Sambria Pharmaceuticals Neuromed 7
NeuroMed 7 , topical lidocaine cream – supplied in single-use packets and 63 gram (2.2 ounce) multi-use tubes – made in USA in FDA monitored facilities




NeuroMed 7 is a safe and effective product used to temporarily numb pain in a localized area where it is applied. It has a rapid onset and medium duration. It is very easy to apply and remove and leaves no gritty, oily or chalky residue. Sambria Pharmaceuticals NeuroMed 7 is soft and creamy in texture so it is comfortable when on your skin. It has a very faint, clean, fresh scent.