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Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream

Tattoo lidocaine numbing cream is used to pre-treat the surface area prior to tattoo procedures. It is used to numb the skin to reduce or eliminate pain caused by getting a tattoo. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that it hurts, plain and simple. Whether or not the person getting the tattoo chooses to just deal with the pain is another matter. Some people can just “weather the storm” or just enjoy the pain part of the experience. While other people require or choose to use a tattoo lidocaine numbing cream to minimize the pain so their tattoo experience is more comfortable.



Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream

Tattoos can Hurt – Use the Most Effective Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream to Kill the Pain




How to Make the Best Choice for Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream Products


There a a bunch of products marketed as tattoo lidocaine numbing cream applications. There are tattoo lidocaine numbing creams as well as tattoo benzocaine and even tetracaine products. When choosing a tattoo lidocaine numbing cream, one of the factors in making the right decision is choosing one that will penetrate the skin. The next determining factor to finding the best tattoo lidocaine numbing cream is to find one that will numb the fastest and last the longest.



There are a few things that will determine how fast the tattoo lidocaine numbing cream will take to reach its peak effect. There are also some complementary factors that will determine how effective it will be and how long it will last during the procedure. Benzocaine tends to start working the fastest, but wears off quickest also. Tetracaine may take a little longer to take effect, but will last much longer. Lidocaine has a quicker onset than tetracaine and lasts a little over an hour typically. Only you and your tattoo artist will know which of the three active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) will be your best option.



NeuroMed Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream Products


One great thing about the NeuroMed Brand Topical Anesthetics product line is that the makers, Sambria Pharmaceuticals, supply all three of the commonly most known and effective API’s, benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine. This full line is included in the NeuroMed BLT Combination Package. This gives you and your tattoo artist the best of all three options. Another great thing is, the NeuroMed topical anesthetics all include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol in the formulations. These chemical drivers are commonly known to speed the penetration of the API’s which can lead to rapid onset and improved positive effect.


The final great thing about NeuroMed Anesthetics is the fact that they are supplied in individual, single-use, sanitary packets to ensure an aseptic (free of germs and toxins) application of the anesthetic of choice. Many dermatologists use all three in combination for the best and most potent effect.



Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream
NeuroMed BLT Combination Package – Single-use, sanitary packets of the APIs benzocaine (20%), lidocaine (4%), tetracaine (2%) – Ingredients also include MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol



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When searching for the best tattoo lidocaine numbing cream, always things NeuroMed 7 and NeuroMed BLT Combination Variety Package as your first and best choice.