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Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work

If you are wondering what the answer to the question, “does tattoo numbing cream work?” then you have not yet used an effective one.  Actually, some work very well, depending upon the brand. Some lotions or creams do not work as well as others. So the answer to the question, does tattoo numbing cream work is, yes! Those that do work have ingredients included in them that enure they do.



does tattoo numbing cream work
Does tattoo numbing cream work? – it depends on the formulation



The primary ingredients that ensure that the question, does tattoo numbing cream work is positive are categorized as: drivers, penetration enhancers, or other related chemicals. Below is a partial list of those ingredients that assist in delivering the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), such as lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine, into the skin where they can do their job of numbing the skin:


  • ethoxydiglycol
  • MSM
  • propylene glycol
  • isopropyl miristate
  • urea


If the ingredients do not include one of more of these drivers the chances are that the product may not be nearly as effective as those that do.



Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work for Tattoo Artists?


Many tattoo artists and customers agree that NeuroMed 7 (lidocaine), NeuroMed LA (tetracaine) and NeuroMed FA (benzocaine) numb the skin very effectively. These products can all be found in the NeuroMed BLT Combination Variety Package. Some people prefer lidocaine, some benzocaine and some tetracaine for procedures and conditions that require skin numbing.



Does tattoo numbing cream work
Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work



The way to reduce pain with a topical anesthetic during a tattoo session:

First, comprehend how tattoo numbing works on your skin. The vital active ingredient of the cream is most often lidocaine, but may also be benzocaine and tetracaine. Medical and dental clinicians have been successfully using these types of anesthetics for several decades. In the event you asked a doctor, does tattoo numbing work, most would agree that if they include lidocaine, benzocaine and/or tetracaine, of course, depending on the formulation. If formulated correctly, and supplied within the legal limits (lidocaine 5%, benzocaine 20% and tetracaine 2%) they are also safe to use on small to medium size surface areas. These products can also be acquired without a prescription. The API’s in the properly formulated creams act as nerve pain impulse blockers. Pain is induced by the tattoo needle entering the skin. However, if you properly apply a well formulated numbing cream prior to the tattooing process, the pain signal gets blocked by the API.



Will tattoo numbing cream work from the moment it touches your skin?

No, it does not work that way. The best strategy is to place the numbing cream on about 20 – 30 minutes before your tattoo session. This only applies to those that are properly formulated. Others may take up to an hour to reach peak performance and then only last another 30 minutes. Prior to applying the lotion, you must wash the portion of the skin that you want to get tattooed, with clean water and some soap. Once you have dried the skin with a fresh, clean cloth, apply about an 1/8 thickness to the tattoo treatment area. With a gloved hand, massage the cream in until it is uniformly dissolved into the skin. The best numbing creams will be effective within 15 – 20 minutes.


There are some tattoo artists who will recommend that you apply plastic wrap, like Saran, over the cream so it does not get messy or on your clothes. Some people suggest that this will also improve the effect.


Do NOT use ANY tattoo numbing cream on large surface areas. This is very dangerous and can lead to the API getting into the blood in high concentrations.


You should be all set to discover “does tattoo numbing cream work” for you now!



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This information is NOT intended to be considered or used as medical advice or to treat any medical conditions. Always consult a licensed doctor if you have questions related to numbing creams.