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Tattoo skin numbing cream

tattoo skin numbing



What is the best product for tattoo skin numbing?


A common fear before getting a new tattoo is the pain associated with the procedure. Pain tolerance is something that is different for everyone as a unique individual. In conjunction with the difference in pain tolerance is the various ways each tattoo skin numbing product affects each individual. Regardless the question arises, what is the best cream for tattoo skin numbing?


There are a multitude of options available to those of you that are really in pain and need some form of tattoo skin numbing cream to lessen the effect of getting a new tattoo. So, how does one make the right decision? Each product has its own unique formulation. The most effective formulations take into account the structures of human skin and how to appropriately, safely and effectively permeate the skin.


No matter what the individuals body chemistry, all skin has the same structures. To help you understand the human skin structures briefly, the outer protective layer is called the stratum corneum. This layer is the one that protects your inner body structures from outside toxins and microbes from entering your body and causing damage. The key to creating an effective tattoo skin numbing formulation is to take into consideration the fact that the skin has to be temporarily altered to be more permeable. This will allow the tattoo skin numbing agent, lidocaine most often, to get into the skin and do its job of numbing. Certain drivers will enhance that effect. The most common are: MSM, ethoxydiglycol, propylene glycol, isopropryl myristate and urea. If none of these are in a tattoos skin numbing product, chances are that the lidocaine will not properly penetrate the skin and there will be a limited effect. This is because the product just sits on the top of the skin. Most of the cheapest products do not contain these ingredients, hence, the very low cost. Without these drivers, you will feel a very limited tattoo skin numbing effect and therefore, feel more pain.


It is therefore best to search for tattoo skin numbing products that contain a combination of two or more of these drivers in order to get the most effective one.



tattoo skin numbing

NeuroMed7 is supplied in both multi-use tubes and single-use, sanitary packets. These creams contain the skin drivers: MSM, ethoxydiglycol and propylene glycol in their formulations designed to improve penetration and effect.

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