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Tattoo Topical Anesthetics

Tattoo Topical Anesthetics are used just as the name suggests, to numb some of the pain associated with tattoos. While everyone understands that tattoo procedures hurt, some prefer to use tattoo topical anesthetics as a counter-measure.





Tattoo Topical Anesthetics
Tattoos Hurt – Simple – Use Topical Anesthetics to Limit the Pain



Do Tattoo Topical Anesthetics Really Work?


While the Unites States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA or FDA) has not approved any topical anesthetics as specifically Tattoo Topical Anesthetics, it is widely known that topical anesthetics numb the skin in medical procedures such as injections and related procedures. There are also no studies that attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness of products promoted either directly or indirectly as Tattoo Topical Anesthetics. However, many products do in fact exist that serve the tattoo and piercing market as tattoo topical anesthetics. Do these tattoo topical anesthetics really work? The answer is YES! Now, not all tattoo topical anesthetics works as well as others. When some of the tattoo topical anesthetics that do not have the most effective formulations are applied to areas known to be the more painful for tattoos, they will not necessarily provide the level of local anesthesia that the client would prefer. Therefore, it is very important that the tattoo topical anesthetics used contain the appropriate formulation.



How to Choose the Best Tattoo Topical Anesthetic


What makes one tattoo anesthetic more effective than the other depends on formulation and safety features. There are ingredients, known as drivers, that are commonly accepted by formulation chemists as those that help to make the skin more permeable temporarily. These are:


  • MSM
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • DMSO
  • Propylene glycol
  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Urea



Any of these products, singly, or even better, in combination will have the effect of improving the rate and amount at which the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) (API’s) enter the skin where they perform their action. This action is blocking the neuronal impulse of pain from the local area to the brain. By blocking this process, pain is reduced. When tattoo topical anesthetics are applied to the skin and include drivers, the chances of improved local anesthesia are higher than those that do not contain the drivers.




Tattoo Topical Anesthetics

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An important safety feature is sanitary packaging. Tattoo topical anesthetics that are contained in multi-use jars and tubes tend to have the inherent risk of cross-contamination. This means that there tends to be a risk that contaminating agents enter the container, such as toxins, bacteria, fungus and viruses. These materials and agents are microscopic, so impossible to see entering by the human eye. The best way to ensure that they cannot enter the container is to make sure the cream is supplied in single-use, sanitary packets. This was there is not way that microbes and other toxins enter a container that is reused a second or successive time. Why go through all the trouble of getting beautiful artwork added to your body that my be damaged by toxins or microbes that could realistically enter the skin at the treatment site?