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wholesale lidocaine cream

Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies wholesale lidocaine cream to physicians’ offices, hospitals, medical spas, aestheticians, tattoo product distributors and healthcare product distributors. Wholesale lidocaine cream is supplied to you by Sambria Pharmaceuticals in both its own NeuroMed brand and in some cases in a private label form.




wholesale lidocaine cream



Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies you with wholesale lidocaine cream at a very competitive prices. When compared gram to gram (or mL to mL based on volume) NeuroMed wholesale lidocaine cream is offered at the best price on the market when compared to other leading brands. Sambria Pharmaceuticals supplies you with a high quality and highly effective lidocaine cream at the very best prices.




NeuroMed Wholesale Lidocaine Cream Advantage:


What makes the NeuroMed brand and private branded versions of this formulation and packaging better than the rest?


  • Most effective proprietary formulation using skin penetration enhancers
  • Smooth, uniform, creamy texture
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Rapid onset formulation
  • Limited systemic absorption based on clinical study
  • Single-use, sanitary packaging
  • Made in the USA in US FDA registered and monitored facility
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Competitive pricing


You do NOT have to be a distributor to purchase NeuroMed wholesale lidocaine cream from Sambria Pharmaceuticals. You can simply get a one month supply to get the great pricing on these high quality and highly effective products.


One box of any NeuroMed products gives you wholesale pricing on a gram to gram (mL to mL by volume) basis! Best offers on the market when compared to other leading brands!




wholesale lidocaine cream
Uniquely Packaged Single-use Sanitary Packets





Lidocaine topical cream can be used to numb the skin and remove sensations of pain, burn and itching. Thousands of licensed clinicians nationwide already use the NeuroMed brand topical lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine creams on a regular basis.


Lidocaine cream blocks neuronal impulses of pain, burn and itch at the source, limiting these sensations on the local area when the cream is applied. The NeuroMed brand topical anesthetic creams work in as little as 15 – 20 minutes and last for an hour where applied topically to skin.


For small, monthly supplied order online using this LINK.


For larger bulk or private label orders, you can email us at or call 888.246.6601.


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