Sambria Pharmaceuticals History

The founder of Sambria Pharmaceuticals, Michael Greenspan, developed the idea of forming an organization to safely and effectively serve countless people affected by both chronic and acute pain both domestically and worldwide. After initial market research and testing as well as regulatory compliance examination an equally compelling category of uses became apparent. This category of uses includes those related to topical anesthesia for a variety of medical uses including, but not limited to injections, venipuncture, immunizations, post-procedural analgesia, burn pain mitigation, cutaneous irritation discomfort relief and additional related topical, local anesthesia uses.

The initial motivation, exploring ways to ease pain effectively, came from Michael Greenspan’s desire to remedy his own chronic pain conditions. In his own search for relief Michael Greenspan included: chiropractic care, epidural injections, oral analgesics (both OTC and prescription), acupuncture, acupressure, lidocaine patches and OTC topical pain relieving agents such as the typical counter irritant products like BioFreeze™, Bengay™ and IcyHot™ as well as cortisone and hydrocortisone.

Other than the topical counter irritants, most of the methods worked in varying degrees, however, none long term. This lead Michael Greenspan to continue to search for something more cost effective with limited pain and side effects and the highest degree of efficacy. During this search he found that certain compounds actually had a positive effect on his conditions. After over 20 years of research, Michael Greenspan found what he felt was an effective combination of materials to effectively remedy his personal few infirmities with limited financial and physical pain. Greenspan developed a formula that was inexpensive to produce as well as very effective in the reduction of many pain conditions. After substantial market testing, these products are now available to the public in the form of NeuroMed7® Topical Anesthetic, which is currently both doctor tested and recommended. Clinical trials are being developed to demonstrate additional uses for its primary formulas ranging from the currently compliant standard topical anesthetic uses to musculoskeletal and neuropathic uses such as peripheral neuropathy to post-herpetic pain relief.

An addition to Sambria Pharmaceuticals team, Joseph Valenti, came on board to assist in managing the regulatory efforts in gaining US FDA use and marketing compliance of this medication in an effort to prepare its use openly in the broad market place. Valenti’s efforts include FDA filings and registration management, product and sample manufacture and logistical planning. Through his efforts as well as Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ legal advisory counsellors, Sambria’s currently marketed Pain Relief creams are now registered with the FDA for a variety of common pain and discomfort mitigation uses.

NeuroMed7® is currently filed with the US Patent and Trademark office as proprietary formulas for uses both currently US FDA compliant as well as a variety of prospective future musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain conditions currently being researched. Sambria’s proprietary formulas combined topical anesthetics with a combination of compounds added to improve absorption.

Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals goal is that NeuroMed7® will be one of many topical medications produced by this company and others that will ultimately dramatically reduce the prescription and reliance on dangerous opiate based drugs. To further this endeavor, the Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals, llc team is currently looking for non-profit organizations determined to reduce the use of this class of drugs to support with a portion of the proceeds of its sales.
There currently is a worldwide movement away from oral analgesics and towards topical pain relieving remedies that Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals, llc firmly supports both by continuing R&D efforts to continually strive to improve its own product as well as financially support education efforts where and when warranted and available.

Michael Greenspan founded Sambria Pharmaceuticals with the intent of supplying patient and their clinicians with appropriate, safe and effective options for easing pain, whether prior to superficial dermal procedures such as needle sticks as well as for other pain causing conditions where the use of the Company therapies also apply.

The Company’s first commercialized product is now being used around the globe to accomplish that goal.





Michael Greenspan is the Founder of Sambria Pharmaceuticals, and the developer of NeuroMed7® and NeuroMed BLT , topical anesthetics (numbing creams) supplied to the aesthetic and dermatology specialties (among others). NeuroMed7® and NeuroMed BLT are marketed by Sambria Pharmaceuticals. Follow Michael Greenspan and Sambria Pharmaceuticals on LinkedIn to begin receiving notification of future articles. Send a connection request to begin networking.

Michael Greenspan Sambria Pharmaceuticals Founder
Michael Greenspan, Founder, Sambria Pharmaceuticals
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