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Large NeuroMed BLT-SAMPLE SPECIAL (5 doses of 10 grams each)

The NeuroMed “BLT” Variety Pack is an individually packaged combination of three topical, local anesthetics – benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine. Each individual anesthetic is provided in its own box and packaged together for the convenience of the clinician.


5 Large BLT doses


Each 10g dose contains these three individually wrapped numbing creams:

  • NeuroMedFA (3ml packets)
  • NeuroMed7 (4ml packets)
  • NeuroMedLA (3ml packets)


SAMPLE SPECIAL – (5 BLT doses of 10 grams each)

This is for a “Try it before you buy it Special” for a limited time only! You will receive 5 Large NeuroMed BLT strips for a total dosage of 10 grams per strip.

Description and Explanation:

Three (3) individually packaged topical anesthetics (a.k.a. “caines”) in one variety combination package:

  • Rapid onset, short duration benzocaine¹ (20% concentration) – NeuroMedFA (fast acting)
  • Medium onset, medium duration lidocaine¹ (4% concentration) – NeuroMed7
  • Rapid onset, extended duration tetracaine¹ ² (2% concentration) – NeuroMedLA (long acting)
  • All include a proprietary formulation standard to Sambria Pharmaceuticals’ topical products designed to improve delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s).

5 units of each type of anesthetic is packaged separately in individual 3ml packets (4ml for lidocaine).

Products are regulated by and manufactured in accordance with the 21 CFR 348 Monograph OTC Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics.