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Product Description


Individual, sanitary, one-use packets

Sold in boxes of 100 units each, NeuroMed7® packets can be used as a topical anesthetic prior to minimally invasive procedures. Once packet can be used for an approximate 4”x4” surface area. Its affect will last approximately sixty (60) minutes and will need reapplication at that time. NeuroMed7® demonstrates a 5 to 10 minute onset of action.

Each packet contains 120 mgs lidocaine HCl.

Packets contain 4 milliliters of product each with 40 mgs/ml.

NeuroMed7® can also be used to treat symptoms of the following conditions:
  • Relief of pain, burn and itch caused by contact dermatitis and eczema
  • Relief of pain, burn and itch caused by insect bites and stings
  • Relief from pain, burn and itch caused by minor burns and blisters
  • Therapeutic for desensitizing the male sexual organ to treat pre-mature ejaculation in males
  • Relief of pain, burn and itch caused by hemorrhoids
  • Other anesthetic uses as directed by a licensed medical professional or pharmacist

The proprietary formulation of NeuroMed7® includes both skin conditioners and compounds added to improve absorption and efficacy. NeuroMed7® will typically not cause a profound reddening effect of the skin when applied as directed.